Actress Surabhi Jyoti is very happy with the success of Qobool Hain 2 and she is also celebrating vacation these days. Surabhi Jyoti is moving away from the noise of Mumbai these days. Where photos and Videos have been continuously sharing on their Instagram for the past several days. Well, if you don’t know, let me tell you that Sula vineyards are in Nashik. Sula is the largest and most respected vine brand in India and these days, Surabhi is taking her eyes.

Sometimes Surbhi is enjoying the sunset and sometimes Sundar is seen making her videos among the corridors of beautiful flowers. Far from the hatch schedule of work, Surbhi is chilling at Sula. Way Surabhi is enjoying her vacation and looking full of energy. After this, is Surbhi not going to work on any big project? After this vacation, Surbhi is going to give a gift of her new project to her snare. Because if seen, often TV stars go on vacation before starting any new project and try to freshen up their mood and energy.

So that when he starts the project, he should be fully energetic and can also focus well on that project. Anyway, it is very headache for any stars to be a part of a shoot. In such a situation, the stars definitely go on vacation before they try themselves in a new project. In such a situation, after the vacation one can also expect a new project near Surabhi. Because it is seen that after Qobool Hain 2, Surbhi is completely free.


Being the best actresses on TV, even the big makers are clearly desirous of taking them in their projects. By the way, fans of Surabhi Jyoti are eagerly waiting for the arrival of their new project. In such a situation, after discovering that Surabhi returned from her vacation, she announced her new project, in which Surabhi Jyoti returned with a new story, a new avatar. However, it is to be seen that after Surabhi Qobool Hain, which new project is going to strike. Will it be a dailysoap or a digital show? Or a music video.

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