There is a strong buzz to see the actresses Gia Manek and Rupal Patel together in Saathiya’s prequel show ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’. After the first promo of this show came out, the excitement of the fans has increased even more. But now the news has come out that this show of Gia Manek can be seen replacing the popular show Pratigya 2 of Star Bharat.

With this, the story of Pratigya 2 will end. A few days back news came out that Gia and Rupal’s show ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’ will replace the show Radha Kishan. It and will be telecasted at 9 pm timeslot. But now if the latest news is to be believed. Then ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’ stars Pooja Gaur and Arhaan Bell can be seen knocking on Timeslot at 8:30 pm, replacing the popular show Pratigya 2.

However, official confirmation is yet to come from the makers about this. But if Gia and Rupal’s show replaces Pratigya 2, then Pooja’s fans are going to be disappointed. Let us tell you that after years when Pooja Gaur once again returned to the small screen with Pratigya 2. Her fans looked very happy. There was a lot of excitement in the audience to see the same strong performances of Thakur Sajjan Singh with Pratigya Krishna. However, after some time, the connection between the people started breaking with the story of the show. And the show could not do anything amazing in TRP too.

However, now in the coming days in the coming days in the story of Pratigya. Whether it will end or not, it remains to be seen. Let’s talk about Gia Manek’s show ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’, this show is ready to be launched in August. Gia, Rupal, and Vandana have also started shooting for the show. Everyone is hopeful that this time also Saathiya’s prequel will do wonders like Saathiya. However, it is also to be seen that this show of Gia and Rupal replaces only Pratigya or any other show.

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