Ansh Bagri, actor of the TV serial ‘Dil To Happy Hai Ji’, was beaten up by some miscreants a few days ago. According to the report, the actor lives in Delhi with his mother and sister. , The actor said that the contractor left the housework of the actor due to an argument. In an interview to Times of India, Ansh Bagri revealed this. Ansh Bagri said, “The attack was planned by a contractor who was first contracted to build the house. But in March this year, a small debate before the lockdown caused a small debate to leave work The decision was taken. “

Ansh Bagri has complained about this at the West Bihar Police Station. The actor also told that when he was out for the shoot, this contractor would come and threaten his mother and sister. Ansh Bagri told in the interview, “There was a lot of housework left. After which we both got into an argument and he quit work. After that there was lockdown. I was stuck in Mumbai due to the lockdown. , And this contractor used to come and threaten my mother and sister. And say, ‘I will get up from home.’ I was scared and I filed a complaint against it in May. He was also warned by the police. At the moment we have found a new contractor and work is going on. On Saturday some people came to my house and he started saying that he wanted something from me I want to talk. I came out and saw that the contractor was making a video of me and his people surrounded me. I thought if something was wrong, I called the police, the police said that on the way “As soon as I started going inside my house, a man pushed me and eight to 10 people started beating me.”Ansh Bagri has suffered head injuries.