Actors Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta brought their first production show ‘UDAARIYAN’ on TV. Based on the Punjabi background, this show has also got a lot of love from the audience since its inception. Each character of the show was also able to connect with the people. The story of Fateh, Teju, and Jasmin is being shown in the show. The cast of the show are perfect in their characters. Seeing them, it hardly seems that any actor or actor would fit in their role.

But do you know that Isha Malviya, who played the role of Jasmine, was not the first choice of the makers. According to the report of Telly CHAKKER, many actresses were approached for the role of Jasmine in ‘UDAARIYAN’ before Isha. So who was that actresses tell you too.

The first name in this list is that of TV actresses Priya Tandon. You must have seen Dear Tandon earlier in TV shows like ‘EK THA RAJA EK THI RANI’ and Papa BY CHANCE. There were reports that Priya was offered this show and she also auditioned for the role of Jasmine. But later the makers felt that Priya is not fit for this role and she will not be able to do this role.

The second number comes of actress Monica Sharma. Monica is known from TV shows ‘NAAGIN’ and ‘SASURAL SIMAR KA’. Monica was also selected for the role of Jasmine in the show ‘UDAARIYAN’. But there are reports that he had demanded a very heavy fee for this show. And then there was no talk between the makers and them and she could not do this show.

The third number comes from Sharika Raina. Sarika has appeared in NAAGIN and MARDAANI 2. There are reports that Jashmin’s role was also offered to her. But he refused the show due to his personal issue.

Number four actress Neha Laxmi iyer. Let us tell you that Neha has worked in the shows “QUBOOL HAI” and ISHQBAAJ.

Fifth name comes Falaq Naaz. Falaq is quite famous in the TV industry. Falak became popular with the TV show ‘VISH YA AMRIT SITARA’. There are reports that Falak was the first choice of the makers for the role of Jasmine. It is said that Falak did not like this script. And he also turned down the show.

Well what do you think which actress would have been fit for the role of Jasmine. Do tell us by commenting.

Source Image : instagram