The opportunity does not wait. Only those who arise on the occasion get the chance. In life, everyone takes another chance. There are many couples on our television who understood the importance of chance and gave their relationship another chance.


Rubina Abhinav married grandly on 21 June 2018 after dating each other for many years. And both seem happy as well. Both of them also entered Bigg Boss this year. But who knew that while #Rubina was trending on the one hand, on the other hand, there were many ups and downs in the married life of both. During a task, Rubina also shared these things that she and Abhinav wanted to give their relationship another chance. That is why he became a part of the show. Both were on the verge of taking divers, but with time, the relationship between the two grew. Both of them were successful in saving their relationship.


Charu and Rajiv got married in June 2019. But after a few months of marriage, the news of problems started between the two. Where both of them deleted each other’s photos from social media and also unfollowed each other. According to reports, those who lived in Mumbai with Rajiv Charu shifted to Delhi. Both were not together even on the first anniversary of marriage. During an interview, Rajiv had said that someone is washing the brain of Charu. The same Charu had said that he had left his marriage to God. Then suddenly in September 2020, Charu shared a photo with Rajiv on his Instagram, so that the fans know that everything is fine between them now. Rajiv returned to Mumbai Charu. Later both also celebrated their First Anniversary. Both keep posting their romantic pictures each day. Recently, Charu appeared with Rajiv and his family in Dubai while enjoying vacations.


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On March 3, 2018, Rochelle and Kath tied up with each other in seven bonds. Both seem quite happy with each other. Both also participated in Nach Baliye 9. His fans also like him a lot. But on the occasion of their 3RD anniversary, there was news that they are also taking marriage counseling to save their marriage. And talking about this, Rochelle said in an interview, “All relationships keep fluctuating. Seeking advice does not mean that the relationship is over. Rochelle also said that in every relationship there are some good things and There are evils.

If a couple goes to the marriage counselor, it does not mean that they will get divorced. It also means that they want to strengthen their relationship. They also questioned the mindset of page 3. Raise. If you go to meet the marriage counselor in India, it means that there is a rift in your relationship, which is a very wrong thing.


Amit Tandon and Ruby have been married for 11 years and both have a daughter. For some reason, both of them had come. Both were separated from each other for a long time. Meanwhile Ruby had fallen into legal repentance. According to the reports, Ruby was accused of threatening the officer. After which she was 10 months in Dubai Alrapa jail.

After some time Ruby was released but she was not allowed to move out of Dubai although she was later given permission to move out of Dubai. And she moved to America with her daughter. And then according to the news, it was learned that Ruby realized that Amit had unified the land to get him released from jail. According to the report by the support boy, Ruby and a close friend of Amit told that Ruby has changed, in jail, she realized that Amit did a lot for her and she has returned to Mumbai.

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