This is the age of social media. There are as many popular actors acting on screen as there is young Actor who shares their dance videos and creative acting videos on social media. He has achieved a big position for himself at a very young age. His fan following is also not less than any big stars. Let’s take a look at these stars.

Jannat Zubair :-

TV actress Jannat Zubair recently has 30 million followers on Instagram. She has been a part of famous shows and has worked as a child artist. She is only 19 years old. At such a young age, Jannat has made a huge fan following. Jannat keeps sharing Instagram stories from photoshoots to Instagram. Which goes viral very fast.

Faisal Shaikh :-

Faisal Shaikh is quite famous on social media. In a very short time, Faisu has got a lot of fan following. Faisal has more than 20m followers on Instagram. Along with fan following, Faisal has also become a victim of controversy many times. Faisal is a fitness model by profession. Jannat and Faisal make Instagram videos together, which are also very much liked by the fans.

Avneet Kaur :-

Avneet Kaur is also a social media sensation along with a well-known actress. She came into the limelight by playing the role of Yasmin in the serial Alladin. She has 20M followers on Insta. From her style statements to her Instagram posts, every post of Avneet goes viral. And what about their music videos?

Riyaz Khan :-

Riyaz Ali is uncountable an entertainer. VIDEOS on his Instagram keep going viral. He has about 17 followers on his Instagram. Riyaz Ali is very popular among youngsters. His chocolate boy image remains. He also keeps sharing pictures on Instagram with big stars.


Arishfa Khan :-

Arishfa Khan has around 19m followers on Instagram. He started his career in 2012. Arishfa is also a model and an actress by profession. His Dubmatch videos became very popular among the people.

Siddharth Nigam :-

Actor Siddharth Nigam is a well-known TV actor. He has also worked in the film Dhoom 3. Siddharth Nigam played the role of the popular serial Alladin in Aladdin. Siddharth has 8.3m followers on Instagram.

Ashnoor Kaur :-

Ashnoor Kaur also has millions of fans. who has appeared in many TV shows, remains in a lot of discussions due to her fashion sense and Insta videos and photos? She has 7.6m followers on Insta.

Anushka Sen :-

TV actress Anushka Sen is very active on social media. Anushka has 20m followers on Insta. His reels, videos fans are very much liked. Anushka played the role of Rani of Jhansi on TV. And currently, she is giving competition to a big Actor in Khatron Ke Khiladi season 11.

Awez Darbaar :-

Choreographer and entertainer Awez Darbaar is famous for his unique content. Avesh has 9.6m followers on Instagram. Entertain people very much with their dance Dhamaal. | Avesh also received the Comedian Award. Awez’s scintillating videos are quite popular on Insta reels.

These young Actors have become icons at a very young age. We also hope that they keep climbing the ladder of success in the same way. How did you like this news, definitely tell us in the comment box.