This popular actor made big revelations about his divorce. For many years, the affair of the court was done for the divers. Mentally actor got stressed. The personal problem has affected the career. Some people get married due to being in love, but then within a few years, a rift occurs between them. It is better to be separated than to be in any toxic relationship.

In a similar toxic relationship, well-known TV actor Gurpreet Singh | Which we saw in shows like serial “Kahin to Hoga”, “Poras”. According to the reports, Gurpreet called modal cum actresses Gurpreet Gaur Saudis, who we also know by the name of Kanishka. They married him in the year 2005, but in just a few years there was a rift between them and now both of them have become diverse. In an interview given to e times, “It was a learning point for me. Nobody wants their relationship to be broken. But some things are out of our control. This is called life.


I am feeling very relieved. I am relieved. Nobody is regretting it. If everything can be solved, I would definitely do it. I tried hard for it. But I think it was written like this. When you are going through a difficult time of life, then It is very difficult to focus on your career and when the matter of divorce and property becomes more difficult, I am happy that I am divorced. Now I can focus on my career. In me, There is no bitterness, but now I have become a better person. During the court case, my mind was affected. Due to this, I could not concentrate on work. But I fought my battle and survived.

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