Did this popular actor become Aamir and Sanjida’s love life villain | Did Aamir and Sanjida break up because of this popular actor? Did Sanjida break her relationship with Aamir for a new relationship? So what is the whole news Let’s know many actors remain in the discussion in relationship and breakup, there are many such couples on TV who have pushed their relationship after feeling of love but then the relationship got bitter and they separated?

Aamir Ali

and Sanjeeda Sheikh are one such couple. But now something is not right between the two. Both have not given any details about their relationship to date. But people want to know what happened after that. A lot of news came out about Aamir and Sanjida’s breakup. But the fans did not get to know the truth that what happened between the two was that both of them separated after years of marriage.

According to news from Bollywood Life, the distance between Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh has come due to Harshavardhan’s arrival. According to the report, Sanjida started shooting for a project in London, during which he started feeling in love with Harshvardhan. After this, the affair of these two started. After returning from the shoot, Sanjida came home and packed her bags, and left the house.

The housemates made a lot of efforts to keep Sanjida and Aamir’s relationship back together. But could not succeed. Sanjeeda Sheikh and Harshavardhan Rho are working on their second project film “Kun Fai Kun” these days. Due to this, both of these issues are being discussed in the industry.

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