After the breakup, this popular actress got revenge. Bollywood is going to do a bang-up debut in a film. Shared your weight loss diet plan So what is the whole news, let us know.

A few days ago, where we told you this, Rohan Mehra and Kanchi Singh have had a breakup. The same Kanchi, who has been missing from the small screen for the past several years, is now going to start her film journey. Yes, Kanchi is going to make her Bollywood debut if we agree to the Times Now report. Kanchi said in an interview with Times Now “I left my show to come to Bollywood and it is happening after 3 years. I will start shooting in Bhopal at the end of this month. I am happy that I am going to a film.” I am returning to acting with. My excitement level is in the sky right now.


Same to his weight loss journey, Kanchi said, “I was completely focused on myself. I used to be contemporary in dance. But I learned Bharatanatyam from a guru. Because I think it is necessary for an actor.” Apart from this, I lost a lot of weight. I started going to the gym regularly. and noticed my diet. I am not following any specific diet. It is only home food. Let me tell you that Rohan and Kanchi Have had a breakup recently. They both met on the sets of the serial “Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai”. And almost both of them dated each other for 5 years. But now they separated their relationship.

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