After three years of marriage, this couple said about family planning. Tips for Happy Married Life To strengthen the relationship, this couple took counseling. Fullstop put on news of separation On March 3, yesterday, television’s most famous couple, Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Ro celebrated their third anniversary. On this special occasion, the couple talked about plans to have a baby. On increasing his family, that is, becoming a parent, Rochelle said that we would like to go against the flow.

We will either bring it before everyone or do it after everyone. I think if we plan it deeply then it becomes mechanical and I do not want it like this. Rochelle has told me about her secret married life that I have realized that better communication is the key to a happy marriage and a special way to talk to your partner without losing your heart is very important.

I had a lot of work to do during the lockdown. But Keith was managing his work himself. Who was giving me a lot of comforts? There were many such movements when I was proud of my decision to marry Keith. God has given me the right person to bring stability to my life. Let me tell you that a couple of months ago this couple took counseling to strengthen their relationship.


But some people took it wrongly. They started saying that maybe there is a problem in their relationship. And going forward, they can also take a couple of divers. Reacting to this, while talking to Sport Boy, Rochelle said that every relationship in this world is strong. It is not necessary that if a person goes to meet a counselor, then they are about to get divorced. It can also mean that they want to strengthen their relationship even more.

Like never done before. Keith also agreed with Rochelle and said that Counseling’s idea was from a friend of his and it really worked. Well, what does this report say? Make sure to write on the comment box.