Nia Sharma TV actress who was last seen as Brinda in Naagin 4, the audience liked nia Sharma as Naagin. The most liked TV show on stage is quite well liked by Naagin. Nia Sharma, known for her cool attitude. She is also known for her bold pictures on social media.

In the TV show Ek Hazaron, Meri Bahna Hai is like Nia Sharma’s birthday yesterday, which made the hearts of people in shows. On Nia Sharma’s birthday, his brother Vinay Sharma made this day in a better way. They decorated her entire room with different colored balloons and party accessories. Nia Sharma cut a total of 18 cakes. We can see that Nia Sharma is over the moon as she blows out the candles one by one. On the occasion of her birthday, Nia wore a pigeon gray mini skirt and a tube top.

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Nia Sharma wrote on Instagram, “A little money, a bit of fame and a lot of love, which I have earned in these 10 years .. !! No qualifications, no complaints, I am happy !! And thank youuu for that !! All. ”The designer cake was sent to her by some of her fans. Needless to say, she was elongated and asked him to take a bow.

Nia Sharma has a huge fan base and has made her comeback. Now through her journey of a decade, she has done some of the best shows, web-series and more. Some time ago he had his victory in Danger player Made in India. He also posted a short video on this happy occasion.

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Mera Hapyyy Buddayyyyy @vinayyshrma thankkkk youuuuu

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