Tv Actors Cheated On Their Partners. See Below:-

The news of breakups and patch-up keeps coming to the fore in the TV industry. Many times, after the end of the relationship of all the celebs, such things came to the fore that everyone was stunned. There are many such TV celebs who claimed that their partner was aware that he was keeping them in deceit. In such a situation, his partner thought it better to end the relationship. Today we tell you the mention of some celebs.


The first name on this list is that of Priyank Sharma. Priyank Sharma made good bonding with Divya Agarwal in splitsville. But as soon as he came to the Big Boss show, he slipped so much that Divya Aggarwal’s got out mind. Priyanka Sharma started growing closer with Binafsa in this show. Then Divya razed Priyank by taking entry as a guest in this show. He announced the breakup on national television.


When Divyanka Tripathi got cheated by Sharad Malhotra,

she was not able to accept this. In national television, Divyanka had said that she also went on the path of superstition to get her love.


Years ago Eijaz Khan was dating TV actress Anita Hassandani. Eijaz had broken Anita’s heart in a bad way. Eijaz Khan himself had revealed on national television that he had hurt his ex-girlfriend in a bad way. Whose regrets they have till date.


During the shooting of Choti Bahu, the closeness between Avinash and Rubina Dialak was great. After some years Rubina got separated from Avinash. Because Avinash was keeping them in deceit.


The news of the linkup between Sana Khan and choreographer Melvin Louis spread like wildfire. In no time, the news of the breakup of both of them also came to the fore. Sana later revealed in an interview that Melvin had cheated on her.


The age-old marriage of Sanjeeda Sheikh and Aamir Ali came under fire when their name started being associated with the hero of Bollywood. Sanjeeda currently lives with her mother.


There were reports about Ankit Gera that he was dating actresses Rupal Tyagi and Ada Khan together. Rupal came to know about this and immediately broke all his relations with Ankit. Well, what do you want to say on this news, definitely tell us in the comment section?

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