Hina Khan‘s life is scattered |Hina Khan’s father died in Mumbai | TV celebs expressed grief Hina gave courage through tweet Hina Khan is broken on the mountain of sorrows again. Yes, Hina Khan’s father died yesterday due to cardiac arrest.

Tell that Hina Khan’s father took his last breath in his house in Mumbai. He should also tell you that when Hina Khan’s father died, Hina was busy shooting in Kashmir at that time. But as soon as this news reached them, she returned to Mumbai last night. The same people who loved Hina were seen on social media from the moment the news reached Hina’s father, seeking Hina’s father’s peace.


He was also seen doing motive for Hina. Close friends of Hina Khan also paid tribute to the tweet. Tell me Hina Khan was very close to her father. She also used to go on vacation with her father. Many photos were also shared on social media. Hina also said in an interview that the secret of her success is nobody else but her father. He was always seen thickening them. Now Hina Khan‘s life is scattered

Well, we hope to encourage Hina to move forward in this time of grief.

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