Well, when it comes to siblings, it has been seen many times that many stars appear to be very similar to each other. In the same telly town, there are many such stars who look very similar to their siblings. well, who are those actors? let’s know.

Divyanka Tripathi :
First, let’s talk about “ye hain Mohabbat in” fame actress Divyanka Tripathi looks exactly like her sister Priyanka Tripathi. There are so many similarities in both that no one can identify whether it is Divyanka Tripathi or Priyanka Tripathi.

Shivani Joshi:
“Ye Rishta kya kehlata hai” fame actor Shivangi Joshi and her younger sister Sheetal Joshi’s bond with them is quite strong. Shivani Joshi keeps a glimpse of her younger sister on Instagram. In which, seeing the naan of both, no one can say that both are different from each other.

Siddharth Nigam:

You must have heard the name “Aladdin” that actress Siddharth Nigam has got a mirror image of her brother. Both brothers also make a lot. Both of them appear with each other on many occasions.

Bharti Singh:
It is difficult to tell the difference between comedian Bharti Singh

and his elder sister Pinky. Both look like twins at once. The face of both not only meets, but their height and personality are also very similar.

Gauhar Khan:

Gauhar Khan and his elder sister Nigar Khan look quite similar to each other. The bonds of both are quite strong. Which is clearly visible from their social post media. The personalities of these two are very similar. And both have gained popularity.

Srishti Roade:

Srishti Roade and her elder sister Shweta Roade also share the same situation. Both Srishti and Shweta are photocopies of each other.

Anu Malik :
Anu Malik, the judge, and singer of Indian Idol, and his younger brother Abbu Malik also look the same. If seen, there is not much difference between them. It is their hair that is the biggest difference between the two.

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