There have been many Tv celebs who’ve been high-quality on-screens however un-professionalism is what they cater to the off-screen. And, that is what upsets the producers of those shows. Many celebs have been shown the door because of their tantrums. And, simply due to the fact they act well on-screen and earn much, doesn’t mean that they cannot be fired.

Here, we bring to you top tv celebs who were kicked out from the show due to their tantrums.

Karan Singh Grover

Tv Celebs who were kicked out from the show due to their tantrums .Karan Singh Grover, after marrying Bipasa Basu, came in quite a lot of headlines. Discussions of Karan being unprofessional were also heard a lot. This is why he had to be replaced by the famous “kabool hai”. In 2013, a source associated with the show told that Karan has become a story of being unprofessional. Karan left the show at the time of “dil mil gay” when the show was doing well. During the shooting of the show “qabool hain”, Karan either used to lie late on the set or he would sometimes leave without getting informed. It was because of his unprofessional behavior that he was replicated in the show “qabool hain”. Due to this behavior, Karan also left the show “kasauti zindagi ki” as he is not happy with his role.

Dristh Dhami

Drishti Dhami has been the winner of the show “jhalak dhiklaja”. After becoming the winner of this show, Darshan was offered to host 7 seasons of this show. However, she did not show anything special with her host Ravi Shaurye, due to which she was removed from the show. On this matter, a crew member said that Drishti was chosen because she had won the previous sessions and we thought that she would be able to add some glamor to the show but nothing happened. We were getting negative comments since the first episode was telecast and because of this, we had to replicate them after consulting the channel.


Ankita Lokhande

Ankita Lokhande In 2011, we had a related news that popular comedian used to show tantrums in the show “Comedy Circus”, due to which she was shown the path of Nahar from this show. According to reports, Ankita did not spend much time. Which had an impact on his final act. Kapil Sharma who was his partner was also very upset with this UNPROFESSIONAL attitude of Ankita. Due to his behavior, he too was removed from the show.

Siddharth Shukla

Siddharth Shukla abuses with co-actors and fights on set and late Latif leads Siddharth Shukla to hit Colors’ famous show “DIL SE DIL TAK”
Was removed from However, the actor said that he was not removed from the show, he himself came out of the show. He said that I was not satisfied with the new track of the story. Before the show started I was told something else in my role. So we decided to separate by mutual agreement.

Hina Khan

Hina Khan, the popular show from Star Plus, “YE Rishta KYA Kehlaata Hai”, which was recognized as a household name, was removed from the show. Hina played mother, daughter, daughter-in-law in this show. Due to which Hina wanted to do something new with this tenant. For this reason, Hina also asked for her high fees in the show. But the makers did not approve of this. That is why Hina was excluded from the show by showing the Akshara or Death track.

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