Tv Couple Got Blessed By A Baby Boy. The life of TV actor couple Aditi Malik and Mohit Malik has suddenly changed after 10 years. Yes, after 10 years of marriage, a little Munna guest has come to their house. Even if they had to wait for the child. But now both of them are happily overwhelmed. Watch Baby Boy‘s Puzzle Glimpses |

How both of them shared their first glimpse on their Instagram profile. Both Aditi and Mohit hold each other’s hands. And here is his Nanna Munna guest sleeping behind in the background. Although both have not yet revealed the baby’s face.

Apparently, they will do this work only later. Nowadays, it has become a new trend that celebs do not show the face of their newly born child on their own but they do it only after some rituals at home. Well, congratulations to this happy couple from our side too.

This has to be accepted where the second round of Corona has come as a curse for the whole of India, where Aditi and Mohit have got the biggest happiness of their life. Let me tell you that before the delivery of the child, the pictures of Aditi and Mohit’s owner’s pregnancy photoshoot are becoming quite viral.

Mohit and Aditi enjoyed this whole pregnancy phase with great fun and always flaunted their baby bump too. Let me tell you that both Aditi and Mohit are TV actresses. Aditi started the career in 2000 with Ekta Kapoor’s show “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki”. After that, she became part of TV serials like Junior Ji, Koi jane Na, Sharaarat, Saarthi, Dekho Magar Pyaar Se, kumkum. Aditi married Mohit Malik in the year 2010. The two met on the set of the TV show Emily. On 1 April 2006, Mohit intended Aditi and then got married after 4 years of dating.

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