Marriage is a bond of seven births in which husband and wife promise to live together till the next birth, but in TV entertainment world there are some marriages which are only for TRP. Some couples in the TV industry did a wedding drama which was only for one TRP.
Neha Kakkar, judge of reality show “Indian Idol”, also made false headlines for her marriage to Aditya Narayan, host of the show. Makers pretended to have false wedding on stage to increase the trp of the show. They had accepted their views as true. But after the truth came out later, the fans came to know the reality that the makers had woven the fabric of this false wedding. Their wedding was presented on the National Channel as if everything was true. Even his parents were involved in this false marriage.

Paras Chhabra made a lot of headlines for his service in the realty show.
During the show, Paras chose TV actress Anchal Khurana as his life partner. Later, it was not known what happened after the show, Anchal Khurana called the show a fake and denied any relationship with Paras Chhabra.

Sehnaaz GILL Punjab’s Katrina i.e. Shenaz Gill made her Savamar after finishing Bigg Boss. The makers of this show made a lot of effort from the contestants to increase the TRP significantly. But by the end of the show, Sehnaz Gill refused to choose his partner. After this, the viewers and the makers accused Sehnaz Gill that Sehnaz Gill did all this to increase his publicity.


Bigg Boss X content Sara Khan married her fiancé in Bigg Boss house, which made the fans believe that they really love a distance and they have done this marriage with their happiness. But Sara Khan and her husband divorced each other after coming out of the show. Later it was revealed that in this show, 50 lakhs were given to them for pretending to be false marriage. And all this was done to increase trp and increase publicity.

Jasleen Matharo The pictures of Anoop Jalota of 67 years and Jasleen Matharo of 30 years are getting viral on social media since last days. Is Matharo really married to Anoop Jalota | Jasleen did not really marry Anoop Jalota. It was later revealed that this photo was a glimpse of a movie. He did this only for publicity.