Big Boss offer has been declined three times, this popular couple. Why did you not want to do this show? Are both afraid of anything? Well, what did this actor say about the reason for not doing this show? Let’s know Players of the dangers 11 Constant Varun Sood said that both he and Divya do not want to be the Big Boss.

According to them, Divya and Varun Sood got thrice an offer to do this reality show and they rejected this offer. Because they think these shows are difficult shows. And he wants to keep his life peaceful. Varun told E TIMES about this and Divya and I got offers for this show both individually and together. But we are refusing to do this show for 3 consecutive years.

These are such a difficult show that I do not think we will be able to do it together. Bigg Boss is a show in which you stay closed for 6 consecutive months. They also happen with different characters and many times it happens that you cannot walk with them. If I and Divya say yes, we still have to deal with people. So that we may not be able to match and they are quite messy and difficult.


There are no problems between me and Divya. We are living a peaceful life. And I think that show will be very mental pressure if we do that show. Vell tell you, Varun is ready to face the dangers completely. He will soon leave for shooting the players of the threats with the crew and cast.

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