In a recent episode of Bigg Boss, it was shown that Vikas Gupta has revealed a shocking fact that he had been in a relationship with a man for 1 year and that he has been a part of Bigg Boss. Vikas did not reveal the name of that person but perhaps the audience had guessed who he was. Viewers believe that he is Priyank.

Many people raised questions on this and even called Priyanka bad. Actually, in June 2020, Vikas Gupta had revealed on his Instagram about his personality that he is bisexual. He also said at that time that Parth Samathan and Priyank Sharma spoke about him wrongly. And he also black-mailed Vikas Gupta. In that video shared on Time Instagram, Vikas Gupta had said that both Priyank Sharma and Parth Samathan have done a terrible thing with me.

But I do not want to embarrass them by telling them about their activities. Because he is one of those people who enjoy throwing mud a lot. I spoke today and opened my mouth because they forced me. When both of them speak, then I will put another post so that people can know what is needed to know the truth. After this, they can do whatever they want and keep doing it.


In the same Bigg Boss, Vikas was seen crying and telling Rubina Dialik and Nikki Tamboli that I have been fighting him for 4 years. I had not taken your name yet. But now I will take your name. He and I were in 1–2 serial before coming to the show. Whatever human will come into my life, it will make him psycho and emotionally such that humans start hating me. Now when I come out I will not leave you. So what viewers want to say, please comment by commenting on this news.