Top 4 Actress Did Amazing Transformation Without Gym

Shehnaaz Gill

From Bollywood to television, stars not only follow a strict diet to look fit and beautiful on screen, but also sweat for hours in the gym. Especially television actresses also work hard to maintain a beautiful figure like Bollywood actresses. She also takes the help of yoga and gym along with healthy diet.

But today we will also tell you about such actresses who have done amazing transformation without sweating in the gym.

Shehnaaz Gill

The first name in this list is that of Shehnaaz Gill Punjab’s Katrina Kaif Shehnaaz Gill was seen in Bigg Boss 13. During that time his weight had increased a lot. But after coming out of Bigg Boss house, she surprised everyone with her amazing body transformation in just 6 months. Shehnaaz Gill reduced her weight by 12 kg in 6 months. He had told that he had stopped eating chocolate and ice cream in the food. With this he said that he lost his weight without any exercise.

Bharti Singh

Comedy queen Bharti Singh trolled fiercely for her increasing weight, then her transformation shocked everyone. Bharti had said about her weight loss journey that she does intermittent fasting. His first meal is at 12 o’clock in the day and the last meal of the day is at 7 o’clock in the night. She eats things of her choice in her dinner but after 7 pm she does not eat anything. Bharti further said that she had reduced 16 kg in 10 months.

Nia Sharma

Famous small screen actress Nia Sharma is counted among the fit actresses of the industry. But the world also takes the help of gym to keep herself fit, but Nia Sharma pays more attention to diet than this. Nia definitely eats pulses for lunch and like Bharti Singh, she avoids eating anything after 7 pm.

Mona Lisa

Actress Mona Lisa, one of the Bhojpuri film and TV actresses, is very active in social media, but she is not only dependent on the gym for her fitness, but she pays more attention to good food and drink. She says that she had worked 7 kg in the first lockdown. That too without gym. she always takes healthy diet.

By following these actresses, you can also make yourself fit without going to the gym and without exercising.

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