Animal box office collections: Ranbir Kapoor film Scores Rs 100 Crore Day One Worldwide

Animal box office collections: Ranbir Kapoor film Scores Rs 100 Crore Day One Worldwide

That’s an impressive start for “Animal” at the overseas box office, pulling in a whopping USD 4.75 million (Rs. 40 crore) as of Friday. The North American debut on Thursday contributed USD 1.20 million to this total. Notably, this places the film as the third highest-grossing Bollywood film internationally, trailing only behind “Pathaan” and “Jawan.” With an additional Rs. 74 crore from India, the global earnings now stand at Rs. 114 crore. This achievement makes “Animal” the third Bollywood film ever to surpass the Rs. 100 crore mark in a single day.

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“Animal” has showcased exceptional performance, particularly in two distant regions of the globe: North America in the West and Australia – New Zealand in the East. These areas have historically been strongholds for Ranbir Kapoor films, and this time around, the movie benefited from the added advantage of director Sandeep Reddy, who holds considerable influence over the Telugu diaspora, a significant presence in these regions.

In North America, the film achieved a remarkable opening day, amassing USD 2.80 million, including previews. Notably, it set a new record for the highest previews ever for a Bollywood film, although it should be noted that previews are not as common for many films. The true Friday earnings amounted to USD 1.60 million, marking the third-best opening day in the history of the industry. In Canada, it claimed the top spot for the biggest Friday with nearly CAD 600K, surpassing Pathaan’s CAD 540K.

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In Australia, “Animal” grossed AUD 535K on Friday, securing the second-highest opening day for a Bollywood film in the market, just behind Pathaan (AUD 567K). Similarly, in New Zealand, it mirrored this success with NZD 105K on the first day, trailing only behind Pathaan (NZD 113K). In other regions, the Middle East performed well, contributing approximately USD 900K, while the United Kingdom recorded the best opening day for a Ranbir starrer, earning GBP 230K.

The territorial breakdown for Animal overseas box office is as follows:

North America: USD 2,800,000
Middle East: USD 900,000 Approx
Australia: USD 355,000
New Zealand: USD 65,000
Rest of Asia: USD 200,000
United Kingdom: USD 300,000
Europe: USD 75,000
Rest of World: USD 50,000

Total: USD 4,750,000 / Rs. 39.50 crore

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