Bigg Boss 17 : Salman Khan slams Aishwarya Sharma for disrespecting her husband Neil Bhatt

Bigg Boss 17 : Salman Khan slams Aishwarya Sharma for disrespecting her husband Neil Bhatt

It seems like the Weekend Ka Vaar in Bigg Boss 17 is set to be quite dramatic. In a recent promo, host Salman Khan is seen taking a strong stance against Aishwarya Sharma for allegedly disrespecting her husband and co-contestant Neil Bhatt. The promo suggests that Salman Khan is not pleased with Aishwarya’s behavior and hints at some unfolding events that will likely add more intensity to the ongoing dynamics in the Bigg Boss house. Viewers can anticipate some tense moments and revelations as the weekend episode unfolds.

Salman Khan scolds Aishwarya Sharma for disrespecting her husband Neil Bhatt

The recent promo shared on the official social media page of the channel gives a glimpse into the intense interaction between Salman Khan and Aishwarya Sharma in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode. In the promo, Salman Khan is seen reprimanding Aishwarya for her treatment of her husband, Neil Bhatt.

Salman mimics Aishwarya’s words, saying, “aye chal, tu chal (get lost),” and expresses his disapproval, stating, “Aishwarya, jo disrespect Neil ke saath karti hain (the way Aishwarya disrespects Neil)… that is not okay. I know where you guys are heading, and this is the formula for disaster.” Aishwarya appears to maintain a neutral expression while Salman addresses the issue. This indicates a tense confrontation between the host and the contestant, suggesting that the Weekend Ka Vaar episode will be filled with high drama and revelations. Viewers can expect the unfolding events to bring more intensity and twists to the ongoing narrative in the Bigg Boss 17 house.

Watch the promo from Weekend Ka Vaar here:

In addition, Salman Khan issues a stern warning to Aishwarya Sharma in the promo, stating, “Aap inko us mukaam pe leke jana chah rahi ho, ek din ye phatega (you are pushing him to a point where he will explode),” and punctuates his point with a loud scream of “aye,” implying that Neil may react strongly in the near future. Salman’s emphatic scream startles Mannara Chopra and Isha Malviya, as evident from their shocked reactions.

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The caption for the promo reads, “Salman warns Aishwarya after witnessing her behavior towards Neil.” This suggests that the Weekend Ka Vaar episode will not only address the current dynamics in the house but also foreshadows potential explosive moments and heightened tensions between the couple. Viewers can anticipate a charged atmosphere in the Bigg Boss 17 house as Salman Khan takes a stand against the perceived mistreatment of Neil by Aishwarya.

Reaction of viewers

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he response from netizens on social media reflects a collective agreement with Salman Khan’s stance on the issue. Many expressed their support for the host and echoed the sentiment that Aishwarya Sharma needed a reality check.

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Comments from viewers included statements like, “I totally agree with Salman sir!” and “Thank god he took the right stand this time. Neil doesn’t deserve such treatment; he’s such a gentleman.” Another user praised Salman with, “Very nice Salman sir… she deserves this.” Additionally, a comment highlighted the necessity of a reality check, stating, “Reality check jaroori tha uske liye… Disrespect se baat karti hai” (A reality check was necessary for her… she talks with disrespect).

These reactions indicate a strong alignment of viewer opinions with Salman Khan’s assessment of the situation, suggesting that the audience feels Aishwarya’s behavior towards Neil deserves attention and correction. The social media responses also reflect the engagement and involvement of the audience in the ongoing events within the Bigg Boss 17 house.

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