Bigg Boss 17 wild card contestant Samarth Jurel claims to be in a relationship with contestant Isha Malviya

It seems like Samarth Jurel’s entry is about to intensify the drama between Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar, who already have a complex love-hate relationship. Samarth insists that Isha is his current girlfriend, but Isha denies this claim. As this new character enters the scene, let’s learn more about the actor who has appeared in various TV shows, including “Udaariyaan.”

Bigg Boss 17 wild card contestant Samarth Jurel claims to be in a relationship with contestant Isha Malviya

Samarth Jurel, the actor making waves in the show alongside “Udaariyaan,” is gaining attention for his role in the ongoing drama. Although he may be a relatively new face in the entertainment industry, he has quickly made an impact. Here’s what you need to know about him:

  • Background: Samarth Jurel’s background and early life details might not be widely available, as he is a rising star. However, his talent and acting skills have brought him to the forefront in the entertainment world.
  • TV Shows: Apart from his role in “Udaariyaan,” Samarth has also appeared in various other TV shows. These shows have contributed to his growing popularity and fan base. While specific details about his other projects may vary, it’s clear that he has been active in the industry.
  • Character in “Udaariyaan”: In “Udaariyaan,” Samarth plays a character who claims to be Isha Malviya’s current boyfriend. This revelation adds a new layer of complexity to the existing love-hate relationship between Isha and Abhishek Kumar, which is sure to be a focal point of the ongoing storyline.
  • Impact: Samarth’s entry into the show has already sparked intrigue and anticipation among viewers. His character’s claims about Isha being his girlfriend have set the stage for further dramatic developments.

2. His shocking entry in the show

As Samarth Jurel’s storyline unfolds in “Udaariyaan,” fans of the show can look forward to more twists and turns in the complicated relationships of the characters. His presence promises to bring new dimensions to the ongoing drama, making the series even more engaging for its audience.

Samarth’s sudden entry sent shockwaves through everyone, particularly Isha Malviya. He boldly declared himself as Isha’s current boyfriend, but Isha vehemently denied the claim, insisting that they have only been friends. This unexpected revelation created a tense and dramatic situation.

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Adding to the already complex web of relationships, Abhishek Kumar, who had also claimed to be in a relationship with Isha during their time in “Udaariyaan,” had a major emotional breakdown. The conflicting claims about Isha’s romantic involvement left him deeply distraught and frustrated.

The situation escalated further when a heated brawl erupted between Abhishek and Samarth. Their emotions and egos clashed, leading to a dramatic confrontation that left those around them in suspense. The love triangle between Isha, Abhishek, and Samarth took an intense and unexpected turn, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments in the unfolding drama.

3. Samarth’s participation in Bigg Boss 17

In August, ETimes TV was the first to report on the possibility of Samarth’s participation in a reality show. A source with inside knowledge of the show had confirmed the news, stating, “We have finalized Samarth Jurel, who is currently playing the lead role in the TV show ‘Maitree.'” This information provided an early glimpse into Samarth Jurel’s potential involvement in the reality show, generating excitement among fans and viewers.

Samarth participated in the dating reality show “Splitsvilla 14.” However, in an interview with ETimes TV, he expressed his reservations about being on the show. He stated, “I made a wild card entry in Splitsvilla X4. I am glad that I got a chance to be a part of the show, but I don’t think Splitsvilla was the right show for me because I am a natural person, who can’t do anything just for footage. I think that I wasn’t the right fit for the show.”

In his candid remarks, Samarth revealed that he felt the show’s format and requirements didn’t align with his personality and values, and he preferred to stay true to himself rather than engage in actions solely for the sake of gaining attention or footage on the show.

Samarth Jurel, originally from Indore, made his way to Mumbai in 2018 with the aspiration of becoming an actor. His journey in the entertainment industry began when he landed his first role in the show “Udaariyaan.” In the series, he portrayed the character of Nikhil Kapoor, who is Shamsher and Rama’s younger son, Advait’s brother, and Naaz’s ex-husband.

Interestingly, it was on the sets of “Udaariyaan” that Samarth crossed paths with Isha. Abhishek was also a part of the same show. This connection adds a layer of intrigue to the real-life relationships and dynamics between the actors, which has now spilled over into their on-screen roles and off-screen drama.

Samarth has openly revealed that he has been in a relationship with Isha for a year, and they have been experiencing happiness together. Samarth shared, “Isha and I first crossed paths in Bhopal, and over the course of the past year, we’ve been content and joyful in our relationship.” This disclosure provides insight into the timeline of their romantic involvement and their shared happiness.

In an interview with ETimes TV, Samarth opened up about his childhood and early aspirations. He shared, “I used to play cricket professionally from a very young age. My dad, Mukesh Jurel, had dreams of me becoming a cricketer since he himself was one. However, my own passion was to become an actor. I continued playing cricket until the age of 19, and then I decided to make the move to Mumbai. I had a conversation with my father about my aspirations and even played cricket in Mumbai for a while. But, I also started attending auditions in the mornings.

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I would often receive comments at auditions about getting tanned due to my cricket sessions. As a result, I gradually reduced my cricket involvement and focused more on improving my acting skills. It was during this time that my acting abilities started to develop.” This highlights his journey from being a cricketer to pursuing a career in acting, ultimately leading him to where he is today.

Samarth played the role of Harsh in the show “Maitree,” where he was cast opposite Shrenu Parikh. When he joined the show, he expressed his excitement, saying, “I am really happy to be a part of a show like ‘Maitree’ that offers its viewers high-octane drama.

My character, Harsh, is a fun-loving person who always maintains a very positive outlook on life. In fact, I feel that Harsh and I share many similarities, which makes it easier for me to portray this role. I’m thrilled to be working alongside a popular actress like Shrenu Parikh, and I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to learn a great deal from her.” This statement reflects his enthusiasm for his character and the learning experience he anticipated from working with an experienced actress like Shrenu Parikh.

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