Bigg Boss 18: Contestant List 2024 Confirmed

Bigg Boss 18: Contestant List 2024 Confirmed

Bigg Boss 18 Contestant List 2024 Confirmed

Fans of the Bigg Boss franchise are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season, Bigg Boss 18. Known for its numerous successful seasons filled with twists and turns, Bigg Boss 17 concluded with Munawar Faruqui emerging as the winner, surpassing Abhishek Kumar. The reality show has amassed a large following by consistently delivering entertainment and unexpected developments. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the controversies and drama expected in the upcoming season.

Although there’s ongoing speculation about the list of contestants for Bigg Boss 18, it’s important to note that official confirmation is still pending. However, the rumored list of participants includes:

  1. Aisha Malik
  2. Rajat Sharma
  3. Sneha Kapoor
  4. Kabir Singh
  5. Rhea Sharma
  6. Varun Khanna
  7. Priya Singh
  8. Arjun Mehra
  9. Natasha Chopra
  10. Sameer Khan

These names are generating excitement among fans, but it’s crucial to await official announcements regarding the final lineup for Bigg Boss 18.

Bigg Boss 18: Faisal Shaikh (Mr. Faisu)

Screenshot 2024 03 12 103235

Faisal Shaikh gained popularity as a TikTok celebrity with a massive fan base, thanks to his stylish and engaging short lip-syncing content videos. He went viral on various social media platforms due to his captivating style. Presently, Faisu boasts over 31.7 million followers on Instagram alone. He pursued his higher education at Rizvi College of Arts before redirecting his focus entirely towards his passion for acting and creating content on social media. Currently, Faisal Shaikh is actively continuing his journey in the digital world, captivating audiences with his content.

Bigg Boss 18: Nisha Pandey

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Nisha Pandey is a prominent figure in the Bhojpuri music industry, known for her captivating singing talent. Originally from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, she completed her schooling at DALIMSS Sunbeam School in Varanasi. Currently, Nisha is active as a singer, actress, and stage performer, showcasing her versatility in various entertainment domains. She boasts a fan base of around 569K on Instagram, where she engages with her audience. However, in August 2023, Nisha faced legal issues when a girl filed an FIR alleging that Nisha had shared her private photos and videos on social media, subsequently morphing them to defame her. Despite this setback, Nisha remains committed to honing her skills and aspirations to become a versatile Indian actress and singer.

Bigg Boss 18: Harsh Beniwal

Screenshot 2024 03 12 103519

Harsh Beniwal is an emerging Indian actor and YouTuber, boasting a staggering 15.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Additionally, he commands a substantial fan base on Instagram, with over 6.7 million followers. Harsh embarked on his YouTube journey in 2015 with his eponymous channel, “Harsh Beniwal.” Initially, he created diverse content, including comedic routines, skits, and vines. Over time, he forged a deep connection with his audience, leading to increased viewership and popularity for his videos.

Bigg Boss 18: Mallika Singh

Mallika Singh, an Indian actress and model, rose to fame through her role in the television show “Radha Krishna” on Star Bharat. The show beautifully portrays the divine love between Lord Krishna and Radha. Hailing from the city of Jammu in Jammu & Kashmir, Mallika also made a cameo appearance in the Punjabi movie “Kirpan: The Sword of Honor.” However, it was in 2018 that she made her significant debut with the “Radha Krishna” show, captivating audiences with her acting prowess and performances across various platforms.

Bigg Boss 18: Sourav Joshi

Screenshot 2024 03 12 103657

Sourav Joshi stands out as one of India’s top YouTubers and vloggers, boasting an impressive 24.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Originally from Uttarakhand, India, Sourav is renowned as an artist, social media influencer, and painter. Besides his main channel, he has also created two additional YouTube accounts titled Sourav Joshi Vlogs and Sourav Joshi Arts. Sourav initially began sharing his art and sketches on Facebook before transitioning to YouTube. In July 2017, he uploaded his first video on the platform. What sets his channel apart is his commitment to uploading 365 vlogs in 365 days, showcasing his dedication and consistency, ultimately propelling him to become a prominent digital star.

Meanwhile, other speculated contestants who are likely to participate in the upcoming season include Nusrat Jahan (actress), Carry Minati (YouTuber), Somy Ali (actress), Karan Patel (actor), Surabhi Jyoti (actress and model), Kanwar Dhillon (actor), Alice Kaushik (actress), and others.

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