Bigg Boss OTT 2: Falaq Naaz is upset with Dipika Kakar. She did not contact her after Sheezan Khan’s arrest

Falaq Naaz, who appeared as a contestant in Bigg Boss Ott season 2, is making revelations one by one. Recently there was a deep friendship between Deepika Kakkar and Falak, the mother of a son, but now there is a rift between the two. Falak says that she does not want Dipika in her life anymore. She was not with him even in bad times. In an interview, Falak made many revelations related to his life.

Falak further says that Deepika will always be in my prayers but not in my life. I am such a person, if I am close to someone, I want him to talk to me and ask how I am. I know she loved me very much but my only complaint is how can someone be so busy in his life

She further said “We are like sisters and will always be for life, she will always be in my prayers, and I know she has got a baby boy and has named him “Ruhaan” I am happy for her but we don’t speak now. In good and bad times when the relationship is so true then it breaks also this way. 

I also asked her if she had problems losing her identity and but she said that she is happy and there is nothing like that, and if she is happy I am happy. People have their opinions and those don’t even matter to Dipika she is well settled and people should talk more positively than all these things”

Falaq on Dipika losing her identity “When someone is in love they change from their heart and no one forces them and there is a lot of love between them, and she is doing everything as per her decision and Shoaib is not forcing her so who is anyone to speak about it and she is happy about it. You can’t force anyone, she is happy and for her love, she is doing all this so it’s not wrong and this is love” 

She also spoke about the last conversation she had with Dipika, the actress said “The last message that we had exchanged was when she went to her native place just before Saba’s marriage and there was a laddoo which I loved and she messaged that she is getting those laddoos for me but then by then I was hurt very badly, you just be happy in your life, I don’t want the laddoos I wanted you and your friendship, if you’re not in my life then there is no value of those laddoos. 

She then replied to me that I have given my justification and now I won’t do it anymore, I told her I don’t need it, you stay Happy and I will be happy” 

Falaq also spoke about her bond with Shoaib she said “It was good, Shoaib was a part of my life because of Dipika and I respect their love and we had a good bond, and I used to tease them like how a sister–in – law would do with a brother in – law” 

In the end, she revealed the time she knew this friendship couldn’t get back the actress said “When my family was going through the toughest times when Sheezan was in jail many people connected with us but I didn’t receive a single call or message from Dpika and that hurt me so badly that I knew things couldn’t come back. She met Shafaq in the clinic that time she told her that she is happy to see us together and she hopes Sheezan comes back home soon, but she didn’t even message me once and that hurt me and I knew there wasn’t looking back as I didn’t expect that from her. 

I know she didn’t keep in touch in good times but when something like this happened she still didn’t communicate. I knew the friendship is over forever” 

“I can totally understand that after marriage a girl has a lot of responsibilities especially when it comes to her in-laws and I totally get it but how can someone not have time to message or meet at least once in  2 – 3 months” 

Well, seems like Falaq is really hurt by Dipika and she has made it clear that the friendship cannot be brought back and it has ended forever. 

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