Elvish Yadav Is Still In Touch With Ex-Gf Kirti Mehra, Breakup Reason Revealed

Ex-girlfriend of Elvish Yadav revealed. The family had approved the relationship. After all, why did both of them keep the distance? In Bigg Boss Ott 2, people are liking Elvish’s system. Manisha Rani is lying behind him in the house after washing her hands. And every time Elvish Yadav gets shy seeing Manisha. And they say that you are my best friend.

Meanwhile, now the ex-girlfriend of Elvish Yadav has been revealed. According to reports, Elvish Yadav’s girlfriend’s name is Kirti Mehra, who is a YouTuber and social influencer by profession, like Elvish. Kirti also has a strong fan following. According to the news, Elvish and Kirti dated each other for at least 6 to 7 years.

However, a year ago both of them parted ways. Well even though Kirti and Elvish are not lovers but both are maintaining a good friendship. However, the news of their separation left their fans heartbroken. At that time there were reports that Elvis had cheated Kirti. But in an interview, Kirti had clarified that no one cheated her.

He had said that the thinking of both was quite different from each other. However, even after separation, Elvish and Kirti fully support each other. They also take care of each other a lot. Well what do you have to say about this news. Tell us in the comment box.

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