Famous Hair Stylist and Infulencer Nisha Lamba Recently Exposed Youtuber Armaan Malik

The controversy that you were watching for a long time, the fight between Sapna and Armaan Malik was actually a well planned plan. All this was done to go to Bigg Boss. Although Tehelka Bhai had already talked about Sapna Wali controversy before this. It was revealed that all these things have happened only and only because of going to Bigg Boss.

Now famous hairstylist and influencer Nisha Lamba, who used to call Armaan Malik as brother, has cleared this thing in her latest vlog that Armaan whom she calls brother is actually fooling the public. Armaan Malik, who became a part of Bigg Boss, along with his wife Payal and Kritika, was a part of the whole controversy that was going on.

Nisha Lamba has clarified that Armaan had also told Nisha to speak negative about me and expose me. talk dirty about me He also said that the more negativity Armaan gets, the more famous he will be. And Armaan of Bigg Boss will also approach Malik.

All these sixty knots happened, he sat with his dream master. Till now Sapna Malik was seen washing herself crying, that was actually a plan of all of them. Nisha Lamba has to say all this. Armaan had also said that sister, expose me and speak many things about me.

Now Nisha Lamba has completely exposed Armaan Malik that the Armaan who seems to be creating so many controversies about himself is actually a drama to go to Bigg Boss.

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