Kumkum Bhagya :- How Prachi And Ranbir To Separate after Generation Leap

Zee TV’s popular show Kumkum Bhagya has become the center of discussion among people these days. The reason is not only a new track of the show but also the new generation leap coming in the show. We have already given you many updates on the upcoming leap in the show, but now news is coming out on the upcoming track of the show. Which will bring a big twist in the story before the leaps. After all, how will Prachi and Ranbir separate from each other?

A big storm is going to come in the upcoming episodes of the show. Which will be very painful for Ranbir and Prachi. Actually, it was seen earlier how Akshay becomes crazy about Prachi and wants to get her at any cost. But now further in the story, Akshay is seen using Khushi to separate Prachi and Ranbir.

On the other hand, Ranbir believes that Prachi wants to snatch Khushi from him. Akshay will be seen instigating Prachi against Ranbir. When Ranbir and Prachi become insecure about Khushi. So Akshay gets Khushi kidnapped. So the blame for this falls on Ranbir.

Akshay instigates Prachi against Ranbir and Akshay makes Prachi believe that Ranbeer wants to get Khushi away from him. Now when Prachi trusts Akshay, Akshay adds fuel to the fire. And takes the help of goons to kidnap Khushi. On the other hand, the way Prachi blames Ranbir, it will give a big shock to Ranbir.

Let us tell you that Prachi will give 24 hours time to Ranbir. She will ask him to return her daughter otherwise she will file an FIR against him. Well, now it remains to be seen whether these two will really separate after the leap or not.

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