Kundali Bhagya:- Sanjay Gagnani Get Badly Injured On Sets

There has been a big accident on the sets of Zee TV’s famous show Kundali Bhagya. This accident was so big that the show’s villain Prithvi, whose character is being played by actor Sanjay Gagnani, was completely injured. But what happened on the sets that caused Sanjay to get hurt so badly that his face was covered in blood. So tell that this incident happened with Sanjay when he was shooting on the set. Sanjay himself has told about the incident that happened to him.

Sanjay has shared a picture on his insta story in which we can see that happy people are cleaning his face due to which Sanjay is also in a lot of pain. And this thing is clearly being known from the expression of his face. Looking at Sanjay’s picture, it seems as if something heavy has hit his head. And that’s why they got hurt.

In the post, Sanjay has told that this has not happened to him for the first time, but he has suffered such injuries many times. While sharing this post, Sanjay has written :- 1562 times all this for your entertainment. Please tell that as soon as Sanjay’s condition worsened, a team of doctors was immediately called and he was treated through them. Seeing the post of the actor, his fans are very worried. Please tell that Sanjay Gagnani has been playing all kinds of characters on the small screen for a long time. He did small to big roles in many TV serials but he got more recognition in Kundali Bhagya.

He became very famous in the role of Villian Prithvi, due to which Sanjay is now known by the name of Prithvi. Although this time Sanjay is not in the limelight because of his role, but because of the accident that happened to him, but the good thing is that Sanjay has not been hurt much and he will recover soon. |

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