Kundali Bhagya Srishti’s Death Tragedy Brings Karan And Preeta Together

Zee Tv Popular Daily Soap Kundali Bhagya Is Bringing New Twist And Drama In The Story

Ekta Kapoor’s show Kundali Bhagya has been making waves for a long time. Even after the generation leap in the show, this show is still giving a lot of love to the audience. And that is why this show has been making waves in TRP for a long time. Every character of the show is the public’s favourite. But actress Anjum Fakhi, who plays the character in this show, is going to exit the show.

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News has come out that the makers have planned a major twist with his character. In which the death of his character will be shown. According to the track going on at present, Karan Preeta is still far away from each other. Whereas Srishti wants that Preeta should never return to the Luthra family. Srishti believes that Karan and Luthra family will never accept Preeta’s innocence. And will keep troubling him.

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In such a situation, she wants to keep Preeta away from the Luthra family to save her. However, now soon his character is going to end from the story due to which there is going to be a big change in the upcoming track. Actually Srishti is about to be kidnapped. Actually Nidhi will hire goons to kidnap Srishti. Where the goons will become victims of a misunderstanding plan. And they will kidnap Srishti. After which Srishti will reach the hospital. And it is here that she will take her last breath.

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Anjum Fakhi’s character will end with this dangerous track. However, now it remains to be seen whether Preeta Karan will be able to unite after creation. After all, what will happen next in the show due to this painful death? The biggest question is why Anjum Fakhi left this character. Let us tell you that Anjum had left the show Kundali Bhagya a few days ago to participate in Khatron Ke Khialdi 13. But after Rohit Shetty’s exit from the show, she became a part of the show again. Then Anjum had told that her character does not have much to do in the show.

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In such a situation, it has been confirmed that Srishti now wants to explore new platforms. However, Anjum’s fans will definitely be disappointed with her exit as she was associated with the show for a long time. However, now it remains to be seen which new project Anjum will be involved in now.

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