Parineeti Chopra’s Modern Bridal Look in Ivory Manish Malhotra Lehenga

Bollywood witnessed a momentous occasion on September 24th, as the Leela Palace in Udaipur bore witness to the union of actress Parineeti Chopra and Aam Aadmi Party leader Raghav. Their wedding, described as an “intimate yet lavish pearl white wedding,” was a spectacle that captured the hearts of fans and set social media abuzz.

The Unveiling of Parineeti’s Wedding Couture

Parineeti Chopra’s wedding festivities commenced with the ardas ceremony, followed by a soulful Sufi night at Raghav’s Delhi residence. Subsequently, the couple, along with their families, made their way to Udaipur for a series of pre-wedding rituals and the grand wedding itself.

The excitement among fans reached its pinnacle when Parineeti shared glimpses of her wedding on social media. They eagerly awaited photographs from the various functions, especially curious about Parineeti’s wedding outfit.

Parineeti’s Mesmerizing Lehenga by Manish Malhotra

Parineeti Chopra, the radiant bride, adorned herself in a resplendent golden-hued lehenga designed by the renowned Manish Malhotra. Her choice for the “pearl white wedding” was a cream lehenga adorned with intricate embroidery.

She opted for a minimalist makeup look that accentuated her natural beauty, complementing it with a layered necklace and a delicate mangtika. Parineeti’s mehendi design added a touch of elegance to her ensemble.

Manish Malhotra, the genius behind this regal creation, revealed that crafting this masterpiece took a staggering 2500 hours. The lehenga, with its ercu base, was adorned with intricate hand embroidery featuring vintage golden threads in a captivating linear geometric pattern. The pièce de résistance was the long veil, bearing Raghav’s name inscribed in Hindi, making it the star of her outfit.

A Wedding Beyond Perfection

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav’s wedding was a celebration of love and tradition. It combined the opulence of Bollywood with the simplicity of heartfelt ceremonies. Their choice of a “pearl white wedding” symbolized purity and serenity, reflecting the essence of their love story.


In a world filled with extravagant celebrity weddings, Parineeti Chopra and Raghav’s union stood out for its elegance and meaningfulness. From the ethereal Manish Malhotra lehenga to the heartwarming rituals, every aspect of their wedding exuded grace and charm.

This memorable day will be etched in the annals of Bollywood history as a testament to love, commitment, and the blending of two worlds. Parineeti and Raghav’s pearl white wedding was not just an event; it was a symbol of enduring love.

Parineeti’s pink-saree look:

After their enchanting wedding at The Leela Palace in Udaipur, Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha continued the celebrations with a grand reception night. The internet was set abuzz when a mesmerizing picture of the newlyweds surfaced from their reception.

Parineeti Chopra, once again, showcased her impeccable style by donning a stunning pink saree designed by none other than the maestro, Manish Malhotra. This choice of attire for the reception night added to the charm of the evening.

Parineeti’s reception saree was a shiny pink net masterpiece that featured extended and dramatic sleeves, adding an extra touch of glamour to her look. The saree was elegantly adorned with golden piping, creating a striking contrast against the vibrant pink hue.

To complete her look, Parineeti opted for a heavy necklace that beautifully complemented her outfit, along with matching earrings that accentuated her grace. She also wore a pink choodha, staying true to the traditions, and opted for a minimal makeup look that accentuated her natural beauty. The sindoor on her forehead added a traditional touch to her overall appearance.

The reception night was a perfect continuation of Parineeti and Raghav’s love story, filled with elegance and style. The viral picture of the couple is a testament to their radiant happiness and the love they share. It’s clear that their journey together has only just begun, and their reception night was another memorable chapter in their fairy tale wedding.

Parineeti Chopra’s choice of attire and her timeless beauty on the reception night will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for brides-to-be, proving that traditional and contemporary styles can blend harmoniously to create a breathtaking bridal look.

Parineeti’s shimmery look from her sangeet:

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha’s wedding festivities continued with a musical night sangeet in Udaipur, and they added a nostalgic twist by choosing a 90s theme. The couple’s appearance at the sangeet was nothing short of dazzling and memorable.

Parineeti Chopra, in particular, stole the show with her fashion choice. She looked resplendent in a shimmery embroidered three-layered ensemble that perfectly captured the essence of the 90s era. Her outfit was a testament to both style and nostalgia, making her the center of attention at the sangeet function.

Her attire was a heavy co-ord set, and she adorned herself with a choker-style neckpiece that added a touch of sophistication to her look. Matching earrings completed the ensemble, adding an extra layer of elegance.

For her makeup, Parineeti opted for a smokey eye look, which added a hint of drama to her appearance, perfectly in line with the festivities of the night. Her makeup was bold yet tasteful, enhancing her features and ensuring she looked nothing short of stunning.

The sangeet function, with its 90s theme, was a night filled with music, dance, and joy. Parineeti and Raghav’s choice to embrace the style of that era was a delightful twist, transporting everyone back in time while celebrating their love.

Parineeti Chopra’s sangeet look, with its blend of shimmer, elegance, and a dash of nostalgia, was a true reflection of her vibrant personality and her love for celebrating life’s special moments in style.

Parineeti’s sharara look from her ardas ceremony:

The wedding festivities of Parineeti Chopra and Raghav began on a heartfelt note with the ardas ceremony held at Raghav’s residence in Delhi. For this auspicious occasion, Parineeti chose a subtle and elegant look that reflected the sanctity of the moment.

Parineeti donned a graceful pink sharara suit, embracing simplicity and tradition. Her outfit was paired with a sequined chunni, adding a touch of sparkle to her attire. The choice of pink not only symbolized grace but also radiated a sense of warmth and affection.

To complement her ensemble, Parineeti adorned herself with chandelier earrings that gracefully dangled, accentuating her charm and elegance. Her choice of accessories was in perfect harmony with the simplicity of the ardas ceremony.

Keeping in line with the occasion’s solemnity, Parineeti opted for a minimal makeup look. Her natural beauty shone through, allowing her to embrace the traditional significance of the ceremony without any distractions.

The ardas ceremony marked the beginning of Parineeti and Raghav’s beautiful journey together. Parineeti’s choice of attire and her understated yet graceful appearance set the tone for the wedding festivities, emphasizing the importance of tradition, love, and the sacred bond they were about to embark upon.

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