Rubina Dilaik Worried About Family In Shimla Due to Floods

Stressful Rubina Dilaik has come under a lot of tension and the reason for her tension is her family. Seeing the way the situation due to floods and rains is unfolding in Himachal Pradesh, now Rubina has also come under tension. And she is very scared about her family.

Actually Rubina Dilaik’s house is in Shimla and she lives with her parents and other relatives. Rubina Dilaik told that she is very scared after seeing the pictures of Himachal flood on TV. Now she has told in an interview that how is her family in Shimla. And how are their days passing in such a difficult condition. she spoke to Hindustan Times and expressed her concern.

She says, “The visuals on TV were scary. A few days ago, when there was no network and I couldn’t get in touch with my family for hours, I was worried. But thank God, I have been able to talk to my parents and they are doing fine. They are holding up well but we are worried about them.”

Amid the ongoing crisis, many of Dilaik’s relatives, who reside in Shimla, have sought refuge at her parents’ farmhouse, located 108km north of the city. The 33-year-old shares, “Our house is situated on the foothills of the mountains, which offers some protection. But, landslides are inevitable. Fortunately, there have been no major losses so far… I hope things get better soon.” 

Speaking about the water scarcity situation in Shimla, Dilaik highlights, “There is a shortage of drinking water as the main water source for the city is flooded; the government is supplying water to people through tankers.”

Dilaik also sheds light on the alarming situation caused by extensive construction in the area: “Bahut zyada construction ho gaya hai. Now, due to heavy rains, the soil has become too loose. People are alarmed and worried about the foundations of their homes.”

Let us tell you that due to heavy rains in many states including Himachal, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, fierce water has accumulated.

Rubina is one of the most popular and expensive actresses of TV. She gained a lot of popularity from the TV shows ‘Chhoti Bahu’ and ‘Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’. Then he got more fame before entering Bigg Boss 14 and becoming its winner. During the show, Rubina revealed that she and her husband Abhinav were about to separate. Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav had given each other a few months’ time. But during the show, the closeness between the two increased again and since then both are together again and spend time with each other. Along with this, both are also better travel companions of each other.

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