Did Salman Khan Destroy Ex Bigg Boss Contestants Career ?

Today, in this blog, we are going to talk about those contestants whose life was ruined by the Ex Bigg boss Contestants.

Bigg Boss Contestant Karishma Tanna :-

Due to the behavior of Karishma Tanna, she had messed up with Salman Khan. In Bigg Boss season 8, Salman was very angry with him. And because of this he even threatened her that she would ruin Karishma’s career. After this, Karisma stopped getting any kind of work on TV.

Salman Khan Show Contestant Kushal Tandon :

Kushal Tandon abused Kajol’s younger sister Tanisha. Then Salman Khan had thrown him out of Bigg Boss house. However, Salman Khan was very upset due to his return. And also tried to ruin his career.

Akashdeep Saigal :-

TV actor Akashdeep made a lot of headlines in Bigg Boss season 5 by messing with Salman Khan. The effect of which was clearly visible on his career. After leaving Big Boss, where everyone gets work, Akashdeep is still sitting without work. Akashdeep himself had also said that Salman Khan has ruined his career.

Priyanka Jagga :-

Salman Khan also had a hand behind ruining Priyanka’s career. In fact, Priyanka had a very bad fight with Salman in Bigg Boss 10. In one episode, Salman Khan got so angry with Priyanka’s allegations and arguments and said that if Colors channel does any kind of work with Priyanka, then he will not work with her. After this incident, Priyanka Jagga had stopped getting work.

Zubair Khan :-

Zubair Khan had troubled the contestants and Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 11. He was so rude that Salman Khan had said that after his exit from Bigg Boss, he would be reminded of his status. The matter had gone to the police station. Although nothing happened to Salman Khan, but Zubair’s entire career was ruined.

Sidharth Bhardwaj: –

Sidharth Bhardwaj’s name is also included in this list. He had said a lot to Mehak Chahal in Bigg Boss house. And for this reason he also had a fight with Salman Khan. And since then he is missing from the industry and was not seen in any project. After Big Boss, his career was completely ruined.

Swami Om :-

Swami Om had done everything in Bigg Boss from saying derogatory words to taking off his clothes which led to his fight with Salman Khan. Later the fight had increased so much that even an attempt was made to ruin his career.

Imam Siddique :-

Imam Siddique had a lot of banter with Salman in Bigg Boss season 6. Which thing Salman Khan did not like at all. He also threatened the Imam that he would destroy him.

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