Famous Youtuber Armaan Malik Angry Reaction On Carry Minati New Roast Video

Everybody knows Armaan Malik, a youtuber with 2 wives. Armaan has got a lot of fame because of Kritika Malik and Payal Malik. Although those are his daliy vlogs. Fans eagerly wait for his vlogs to see his routine of life. But there are some people in social media who are seen roasting Armaan Malik and his entire family every day. But how would it feel if a big YouTuber from the world of YouTube roasts Armaan Malik.

Let us tell you that famous YouTuber Carry Minati has roasted Armaan Malik and his 2 wives this time, after which Armaan Malik has become very angry. The fact is that Carry Minati has recently shared a video in which he is seen roasting not one but 4 YouTubers. And there is also a YouTuber Armaan Malik in it. Now Carry Minati made a funny video about Armaan Malik’s two wives.

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Carry Minati has gone to a funeral wearing white colored clothes and these two wives are also seen with him i.e. Kritik and Payal. However, in this vlog, Carry Minati has named himself as Sangram and has two wives named Anju and Manju. Now talking about this video, Carry Minati is seen roasting Armaan Malik with great fun.

He goes to the funeral with both the wives and writes wife no. 1 and wife no. 2. Now there are not one but 100 people who roast Armaan Malik, who are roasted every day because of his two wives. And Armaan Malik is also seen replying to these roasters.

Now, when Armaan is roasted by a big YouTuber like getting a carry, then Armaan becomes the owner’s answer. As soon as Carry Minati’s video surfaced, Armaan also got angry in a dirty way and was seen replying to him. He said that you did not expect that you would roast me in this manner. People should peep in their collar. They put their feet in other’s life so much.

Being roasted for Armaan Malik is no small thing. Now when you will give birth to 4 children and keep 2 wives at the same time. Recently it has been revealed that Armaan Malik has not 2 wives but 3 wives. In such a situation, the roaster will get a chance, will he not? And this is the reason why the person who gets this opportunity reaches to roast the desired owner. And this time the person who has roasted Armaan Malik is none other than Carry Minati, known as the king of social media.

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