Bigg Boss 17 : Hina Khan Takes An Indirect Dig At Actor Sandiip Sikcand

Hina Khan has shown her support for Bigg Boss 17 contestant Ankita Lokhande. Hina recently took to her Instagram stories to question individuals who are seeking “two minutes of fame” by accusing television actors of being unprofessional. This statement came after television producer Sandiip Sikcand questioned Ankita regarding her dispute with Khanzaadi, who had commented, “tum TV wale log” (“you TV people”).

Bigg Boss 17 : Hina Khan Takes An Indirect Dig At Actor Sandiip Sikcand

In her Instagram story, Hina clarified that her message wasn’t related to Bigg Boss, but rather about her respect for her fellow actors and the industry. Although she didn’t mention Sandeep’s name, she posed five questions to address the situation:

  1. “We have seen Pavitra Rishta’s successful run for many years. When did Pavitra Rishta’s rerun happen because of ANKITA?”
  2. “In a structured environment like television, how long would you survive as a lead actor?”
  3. “Can you honestly ask the same questions to film stars who move from film to film and repeat the same behavior, still working according to their whims and fancies, which, in my opinion, they have earned over the years, just like television actors?”
  4. “How long will you seek fleeting fame at the expense of people from your own industry who are standing up for our fraternity?”
  5. “Who appointed you as the representative, president, or spokesperson of the entire television industry?”
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Hina Khan’s message appears to be in support of Ankita Lokhande and challenges the unfair criticisms directed towards television actors. She questions the double standards and biases in the industry and calls for unity among actors in the television industry.

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Hina Khan continued her message by shedding light on the challenges that actors face in the industry. She emphasized that once an actor is cast, they are indispensable and are expected to make it to the set under any circumstances, unless they are replaced or their character is written out of the show. She revealed that actors often have no choice but to work even if they have recently undergone surgery or are dealing with health issues.

Hina highlighted the desire of actors to grow and work efficiently, just like anyone else, and stressed that exploiting actors is not acceptable. She called on those who criticize television actors to step down from their high horse and advised them to stop making such judgments. In conclusion, she suggested that the two minutes of fame that they seek should be enough for them for the year.

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Hina Khan continued by addressing the inevitability of disagreements and differences, both creatively and logistically, among people on sets. She emphasized that it’s not about who is right or wrong, as these conflicts can involve actors or others, and it’s always a two-way street. Hina stressed that every individual on a production, including creatives, producers, actors, technicians, and crew members, deserves respect.

She also pointed out that biases against actors, especially when it’s an attempt to belittle them, should be called out and discouraged. Furthermore, Hina highlighted the importance of recognizing when one’s actions fall beneath their dignity.

This statement from Hina Khan seems to be a response to the recent controversy involving Ankita Lokhande and Khanzaadi, which began when Khanzaadi said, “main TV nahi karti” (“I don’t do TV”). Sandeep shared a screenshot of Ankita from Bigg Boss 17 and criticized TV actors for their alleged unprofessional behavior, including not adhering to shooting schedules, demanding script changes, or making unusual demands on dialogues. Hina Khan’s message appears to be defending television actors and urging fair treatment and respect within the industry.

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