Bigg Boss 17: Rashami Desai, Sunny Aryaa’s wife, VJ Andy and other stars who supported Ankita Lokhande against Vicky Jain’s mother

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s dating lands in trouble

Bigg Boss 17: Rashami Desai, Sunny Aryaa's wife, VJ Andy and other stars who supported Ankita Lokhande against Vicky Jain's mother

Ankita Lokhande and her husband, Vicky Jain entered Bigg Boss 17 together. However, they had very unsightly fights and we saw even Salman Khan caution Vicky approximately his behaviour toward Ankita. Later, their fights and misunderstandings stored developing. Ankita stored complaining about Vicky no longer giving her time. She hit Vicky and Vicky also stated suggest things about her. Ankita did not like Vicky’s closeness to different people. Their fights went ugly inside the last few days and we saw the own family week occurring.

Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain’s mother makes allegations against Ankita Lokhande

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Vicky’s mother entered the Bigg Boss house and told Ankita that once she kicked Vicky, his father known as up Ankita’s mother to invite if she extensively utilized to hit her husband. Ankita was stunned and asked her not to involve her mother and father on this. Vicky’s mother further revealed to the media that they had been towards Vicky marrying Ankita. She also said that they did not like Munawar and Ankita’s friendship. When requested approximately Vicky’s flirty nature, she stated that Vicky does no longer do all that.

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande breaks down hearing Vicky Jain’s mother’s words

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Ankita was also seen crying and hugging her mother after hearing Vicky’s mother questioning her.

Bigg Boss 17: Kangana Ranaut supports Ankita Lokhande

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After seeing Ankita Lokhande in trouble and her marriage entering into problem, Kangana Ranaut supported Ankita. She took to her Instagram stories and wrote, Media doing their quality to interrupt their circle of relatives, they may not display you the way @lokhandeankita’s saasumaa rooting for her, also love that snigger ultimately…. Ha ha too adorable aunty, fact shows come and cross but family is all the time, I desire my friend @lokhandeankita wins however no longer at the fee of her marriage.

Bigg Boss 17: Rashami Desai slams Vicky Jain’s mother

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Ankita’s fine friend, Rashami Desai additionally supported her and slammed Vicky’s mother. She wrote, Stay the manner u are. I love you for being u. U have been thru Many adjustments and it’s not best for u. The contribution of ur love and the person u love is similarly vital. U have earned everything with ur difficult difficulty and became #ankitalokhande virast principal mila fearless mindset ne tujhe banaya hai (your fearless mind-set has helped you attain wherein you’re nowadays). And I simply love u so much. U in no way needed this.

But with lot of love u have regular and hope family will surly understand the show will recover from and it’s now not about Ankita. It’s about both of them. They are mature enough to address. And I recognize aunty aap ko shayad bura lage. Par vo dono mere dost hai (aunty you may feel terrible approximately this but Vicky and Ankita are my friends). They are a part of #bigboss and Contestant. Aap bahar aake bigboss na khele plz. Zindagi abhi baaki hai mere dost (please don’t play games outside the Bigg Boss house. There’s nonetheless greater to existence).

Bigg Boss 17: VJ Andy slams Vicky Jain’s mother

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VJ Andy additionally found Vicky Jain’s mom wrong. He wrote, I simply rewatched #BiggBoss17 Promo: #VickyJain mom known as #AnkitaLokhande mom and asked if she kicked her dead husband? Classic shall we blame ladki wale attitude. Why didn’t she ask her son about what’s brought about the response? But wait he’s perfect right?

Bigg Boss 17: Deepika Aryaa supports Ankita Lokhande

Sunny Aryaa aka Tehelka’s spouse, Deepika additionally posted a video in guide of Ankita. She wondered Vicky Jain’s mom for pointing arms at Ankita and no longer thinking her very own son. She felt it became insensitive of bringing Ankita’s father in the sport.

Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma shows her support for Ankita Lokhande

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Aishwarya Sharma who by no means liked Ankita has additionally supported her. She asked Vicky’s mom not to say things like one ought to treat a daughter-in-regulation as their daughter best.

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