Famous Actress Gauahar Khan Indirectly Taunts Rakhi Sawant ?

Gauahar Khan got upset with Rakhi Sawant’s statement. Rakhi Sawant’s drama is never ending. Rakhi Sawant went for Umrah due to which she is now roaming around wearing Abaya. Rakhi adopted Islam after marrying Adil Durrani. Recently, actress Gauahar Khan indirectly slammed Rakhi.

Gauhar angry over making fun of Islam

Let us tell you that Gauahar Khan shared a story on her Instagram in which she also wrote a long note along with a photo. Gauahar told in the post how a charity in Qatar sent 20 orphan children for Umrah. In this note, without naming anyone, he said that people try to use religion for publicity stunts. The actress further wrote- “Then some losers are taking Islam lightly and making fun of this holy pilgrimage which is very sacred for the believers of Islam. One minute you convert to Islam, and then you say “Oh, I didn’t do it of my own free will”.. What nonsense. You are not worthy of understanding the beauty of Islam.

Not only this, while releasing the post the actress said – Wearing Abaya does not make you a Muslim, being a good person, being a true person and loving Allah makes you a Muslim. Any faith is in the heart, you don’t need 59 cameras to show it. Now users are openly supporting this post of Gauahar and are calling Rakhi Sawant’s actions a publicity stunt.

But now fans feel that Gauhar does not care about Rakhi’s words. Gauhar shared a post on her Insta on which it is written: We should not get upset with people and situations. Because without our reaction both those things are powerless. Well now it is difficult to say whether this post is for Rakhi or not. What do you think about this news? Tell us in the comment section.

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