Gashmeer Mahajani’s Father Ravindra Mahajani Found Death In His Flat

TV actor Gashmeer Mahajani’s is surrounded by sorrow. Actor’s father Ravindra Mahajani’s has passed away. The surprising thing is that the dead body of Gashmeer’s father Ravindra ji has been recovered from the Pune flat. That too after 3 days of death. If reports are to be believed, Gashmeer’s father Ravindra Mahajani was found dead on Friday in his rented flat in Ambi village of Maval taluka near Talegaon Dabhade.

The neighbors smelled foul from the flat, then they informed the police. When the police team reached, they found that the flat was locked from inside. When the police went inside by breaking the door, they found Ravinder Mahajani’s body in the flat. Police say that the owner of the apartment has identified the deceased as Ravinder Mahajani.

It is being said that his death has already happened 3 days ago. At present, the reason for his death has not been revealed, but after the post-mortem, the reason for his death will be revealed.
Let me tell you that this news seems to be spreading like a fire. Please tell that Gashmeer’s father Ravinder ji was living alone in his flat for a long time. He was also a well-known actor of Marathi and Hindi cinema. Who also worked with many stars from Amitabh Bachchan to Sanjay Dutt.

Now the way his dead body has been found in the flat after 3 days, along with Gashmeer, his fans are also very sad. Hey Kali is worried about how this accident happened. Gashmeer is shocked by his father’s death to such an extent that neither he has expressed his grief on social media nor has he made any statement on the media. But a video has definitely surfaced in which Gashmeer is seen with his mother.

Gashmeer and his mother are heartbroken. He is seen in an ambulance carrying his father’s dead body. These moments are very sad for Gashmeer and his family.

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