Tv Actresses With The Most 8 Expensive Handbags

Like Bollywood actresses, TV actresses also live a life of pride. From expensive cars to many expensive things, these actresses are very fond of. Including bags. Whose cost is not in thousands but in lakhs. You will be surprised that there are many actresses of TV whose handbags are worth lakhs. In such a situation, today we will know through this blog that which are the TV actresses who have such expensive handbags.

Hina Khan :-
The price of this Gucci bag of Hina Khan is around 80000.

Jennifer Winget :-
This Bvlgari Serpenti Bag of Jennifer Winget costs around Rs 70,000.

Jannat Zubair:
The cost of this Burberry bag of Jannat Zubair is around 90000.

Avneet Kaur :-

The price of this Prada bag of Avneet Kaur is around 1 lakh 15000 rupees.

Disha Parmar :
The price of this bag YSL of Disha Parmar is up to 70000 rupees.

Shweta Tiwari :-

This Louis Vuitton bag of Shweta Tiwari costs up to Rs 2 lakh.

Sayantani Ghosh :-

Sayantani Ghosh also has a lot of poplars. In this picture, the price of Louis Vuitton bag in Shayantani’s hand is up to 1 Lakh 80000.

You can see how expensive these TV actress bags are.

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