Kundali Bhagya New Actress Will Enter With Generation leap after 20 years

Kundali Bhagya, the popular show of zee Tv, ever since the news has surfaced that a generation leap is about to come in the show. Since then a lot of excitement is being seen among the people. While the news of the exit of the show’s lead actor Shakti Arora has surprised the fans, it is also going along with it that a new actress will enter the show after the leap.

Well as everyone knows that Preeta i.e. actress Shraddha Arya is already playing the role of mother in the show. She is also the lead actress of the show. Preeta is Kavya’s mother in the show. Because generation leap is coming in the same show. That means the story is going to start on the second generation.

Where is going in such a situation that the story will now focus on Shraddha as well as Kavya’s character. Now since there is a long leap of 20 years, the younger Kavya will leave the show and a new actress will enter as the elder Kavya. There are reports that the same Shraddha is going to continue the show after a leap of 20 years and she will be seen in the role of a mother even further.

That is, the story will revolve around shraddha and her onscreen daughter. Although there is no information about which actress will play the character of new Kavya. But it is certain that with this leap a new heroine will also be seen along with Shraddha.

It is seen that whenever there is talk of generation leap in a show, new stars along with many lead actors join the story. However, now it will be interesting to see that what new twist will be seen in the story of Kundali Bhagya along with the leap. Which stars will leave the show and which new stars will be a part of this show? However, which actress can be best for the show for the role of Kavya, you must tell us in the comment box.

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