Kundali Bhagya :- New Promo Reveal 2 Big Twist

Zee Tv show Kundali Bhagya is going to take a long leap of 20 years soon. Everyone wants to know that after this leap, what changes will be seen in the story. Will there be anything new? Well, this thing has already been cleared, with the generation leap, the story will revolve around Preeta and her children. A new pair will be shown in the story. For which the makers are looking for new stars.

But now the promos released by the makers seem to reveal big secrets on the post-leap track. In the recent promo, 2 such big things came to the fore on which the upcoming track will be completely focused. After all, what are these 2 big things, let’s know.

After the leap, there will be entry of 2 big actresses in the story?

Well till now it is being talked about in the public that after the leap of 20 years there will be entry of a new lead actress in the story. For which the names of many actresses have also remained in the limelight for a few days. But now in the promo makers released, Preeta is not going to give birth to one child but to two children.

From which it is clear that the new story coming on one of Preeta’s children will not be seen, but the story will be seen around 2 children. In which one child will be with Preeta and the other child will be away from her because of Anjali. After the new track coming on these 2 children, there will be entry of 2 actresses.

Will Preeta and Karan separate?

It has been seen in the well promo that Anjali has come to her senses and has been seen saying that she will never let Karan Preeta be happy. After which some such news has also come to the fore whether the separation track of Karan Preeta will be seen again. Well the way the news is doing is that Shakti Arora will not be seen in the show after the leap.

After that there have been reports that with this leap track Preeta will be seen as a single mother taking care of one of her children. However, what will happen to Karan’s character after the leap of the show and how will he exit or not? These questions still remain.

Well soon after a long leap of 20 years the show will see the story of Karan Preeta’s kids. However, it remains to be seen that which two actresses the makers will cast in these roles. After all, what will happen to Kavya’s character in the show? It will be interesting to see.

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