Bigg Boss 13 :- Paras Chhabra Friend Reveals Shocking Reasons Behind His Breakup With Mahira Sharma

Did Mahira Sharma doubt Paras Chhabra ? Used to control Paras. There was a ban on meeting female friends. The news of Paras and Mahira’s breakup is making a lot of headlines at this time. The relationship of both has now become The End. Paras broke the silence on the breakup but till now Mahira has not given any statement.

Meanwhile, a special friend of Paras has told the reason for their breakup. Paras Chhabra’s close friends from Aaj Tak said, ‘Paras and Mahira are not on talking terms for the last three-four months. Only after coming to Mumbai, both of them have separated their ways. Paras seems very focused about his career here. They are constantly engaged in the preparation of projects. When I met him recently, he told me the reason for the separation.

Paras was fed up with Mahira’s over possessiveness. Mahira’s control freak nature upset Paras. She used to constantly put restrictions on Paras. She used to pressurize him to make music videos only with her. Even talking to a female friend was prohibited. After a while, Paras’s dam of patience broke and finally he understood his well-being only after breaking this relationship.

Let us tell you that Paras and Mahira were seen together for the first time in Bigg Boss season 13. Here they fell in love and after coming out of the show, they openly expressed their love. During an interview, Paras had also expressed his desire to marry this special friend. Their pictures often went viral on social media. Fans have always supported their favorite couple by giving #PaHira tag. When we tried to contact both these actors on the news of breakup, both of them refused to comment on it.

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