Bigg Boss 13 : Paras Chhabra First Reaction On His Breakup With Mahira Sharma

TV actor Paras Chhabra’s first reaction on the breakup. Where did anyone say we are in a relationship? The news that shocked everyone was that Bigg Boss 13’s famous couple Paras Chabra and Mahira Sharma have broken up. Even Mahira Sharma has unfollowed Paras from her Instagram and has also deleted the photos with him.

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Now the reason for the breakup of both has not come to mind but Paras has definitely broken the silence on the breakup.

If E Times report is to be believed, Paras said:- Yes, we have had an argument over a small matter. But such fights have always happened to us. But I did not think that the matter would reach the breakup. We never called ourselves lovers but we always maintained a relationship of We Are More Then Friends and if the almighty wanted, we would marry.but we did not want to bind each other with any relationship tag.

I have also unfollowed him from Instagram. But I will definitely call him after things are resolved. When we meet later, we will definitely laugh about this childish act. I am finding all these temporary and it seems to be some PR activity.

Well where on one hand Paras is calling it Mahira’s drama and on the other hand Mahira
On the other hand, such news are coming that they have broken up after the breakup. Till now Mahira has not said anything on the breakup. But according to the report of Aaj Tak, the friend of the actress has told her condition. According to the friend, She is in a lot of trouble after the breakup. They are sad.

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