5 most dangerous battles of Bigg Boss contestant

Dolly Bindra :-

Dolly Bindra was the most dangerous lady of this house. Who fought fiercely with Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari and Shweta Tiwari in Bigg Boss season 4. And his dialogue was “Baap par jana nahi”

Krk :-

Krk hit fashion designer Rohit Verma on the head with a bottle during a fight in Bigg Boss 3. After which Makers kicked Krk out of the show.

Imam Siddique :-

Imam Siddique was the biggest controversy contestant of Season 6. During the show, when Salman Khan was explaining something to him, then Imam did some such act due to which he got confused with Salman Khan.

Swami Om :-

Swami Om crossed all limits in Bigg Boss 10. Swami Om also crossed such limits in this show due to which he was thrown out of the house.

Eijaz Khan :-

Who quarreled and fought with Ali in Season 8. After which Ejaz Khan was thrown out of the house.

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