Most 8 Celebrity Fitness Trainers Charges

Deepika Padukone :-

Deepika Padukone is a famous actress of Bollywood. Deepika Padukone works very hard to keep her body fit. And often shares her yoga and gym pictures on social media. Deepika takes full care of her fitness and diet. If reports are to be believed then the name of Deepika Padukone’s gym trainer is Yasmin Karachiwala. And Deepika gives 45000 to him every month for training him.

Kareena Kapoor :-

Kareena Kapoor is one of the famous actress of India. Who wants to be known all over India because of her acting. As much as she is popular in India because of her acting, equally she is famous in India for her fitness. Kareena takes full care of her fitness. And his fitness trainer is also very capable. The name of Kareena’s gym trainer is Namrata Purohit. Kareena gives him 65000 rupees every month for taking training from him.

Alia Bhatt :-

Actress Alia Bhatt is also in discussion because of her fitness. Alia Bhatt’s weight used to be a bit high before appearing in films, but she paid full attention to her fitness with her hard work. And his trainer helped him a lot in this work. Please tell that the name of Alia Bhatt’s gym trainer is Yasmin Karachiwala. . Who is also the trainer of Deepika. And Alia gives 45000 rupees every month for taking training from him.

Kangana Ranaut :-

Kangana Ranaut is a very famous actress of Bollywood. Which are often surrounded in some controversy or the other. If Kangana’s controversies are kept away, then Kangana is a very good actress. Along with acting, Kangana wants to go to Bollywood for fitness as well. Kangana also does exercise and yoga to keep herself fit. Let me tell you that Kangana’s gym trainer is also Yasmin. And Kangana gives him 45000 rupees every month for taking training from him.

Katrina Kaif :-

Katrina Kaif has given many hit movies to Bollywood. As much as Katrina is known for her beauty, equally she is known in Bollywood for her fit body. Katrina Kaif does not forget to go to the gym under any circumstances. The name of Katrina Kaif’s gym trainer is also Yasmin Karachiwala. And Katrina gives him 45000 rupees to stay fit with him.

Jacqueline Fernandez :-

There are many fans of Jacqueline Fernandez’s beauty. Jacqueline Fernandez does a lot of things to keep herself fit. Like going to yoga and gym. And his gym trainer is the famous Shivoham aka Dipesh Bhatt. The actress pays 30000 rupees to the trainer every month to keep herself fit.

Bipasa Basu: –

Bengali beauty Bipasa Basu grabs a lot of headlines for her fitness. She also works out in the gym everyday. Even though Bipasa Basu is seen working in films these days, but still she pays a lot of attention to her body. The name of Bipasa Basu’s gym trainer is also Yasmin Karachiwala. . And Bipasa gives him 45000 rupees a month to stay fit with him.

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