Popular Actress Alia Bhatt Gives Clarification About Her Pregnancy

Alia Bhatt told the truth about her pregnancy. Had become pregnant before marriage. Alia Bhatt herself disclosed this fact. Well, a few months after marrying Ranbir Kapoor, when Alia shared the good news of her pregnancy in front of everyone, everyone was stunned. Perhaps that’s why she became pregnant before marriage, such questions started to arise. Well Alia herself has given her statement for the first time about pregnancy before marriage.

Actually in an interview given to a channel, said ‘Heart of Stone’ is my first Hollywood film. Which I signed in January 2022. I tried very hard to work on that schedule. Because I didn’t want to back out. So I spoke to the team and they assured me that they would take good care of me and it was great. I shot my first action film when I was pregnant.

Alia further said that ‘From the very beginning I told myself that if I can do it, I will do it. But thank God my pregnancy didn’t hold me back physically. The first few weeks were a bit difficult as I was very tired and nauseated. But at that time I did not talk about it. Because you shouldn’t say anything for the first 12 weeks. That’s what everyone says so I had to keep that information to myself. But I was taking good care of my body, and if I needed to rest between shoots, I would sleep in my van. I tried to rest as much as possible. But the work has to be completed.

I don’t believe in limiting myself. Unless there is some physical problem. I was pregnant, so there were many limitations, because nothing is known in advance in pregnancy. So I have decided to take each day as it comes and take care of my body. Of course work is necessary, but at that time my child and my health were my priority.

Well, Alia has not directly talked about pregnancy but the way in which she has talked about pregnancy has cleared the confusion of the fans. And they have understood that Alia was really pregnant before marriage. Well Alia has become a mother now. A lot of changes are coming in her life after the birth of little Raha. , Now just waiting to get a glimpse of little Raha. How Excited Are You To Get A Glimpse Of Little Raha Do Tell Us On The Comment Box.

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