Anurag Dobhal’s Brother Slams Bigg Boss 17 Makers For Pulling Rider Down

This is what the audience sings after watching rider Anurag Dobhal on Bigg Boss 17. The man who unfortunately became a target of trolls after consistently defending Brosena is now popular meme material on the internet. Widely recognized as UK 07, this contestant has not contributed positively to the show and yet continues to feel victimized.

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Bigg Boss slams Anurag Dobhal for being a cry baby!

In a recent episode, Anurag Dobhal was heard saying, “It’s written in Ankita ji’s contract that she can sleep; there’s favoritism, bro. Just give her the trophy, man, send me home.” Bigg Boss then replies to him, “Anurag baba, with all this going around here and there, trying to influence the people in the neighborhood, you go ahead and do your crying. My attack will come from the front as well. Be ready.”

Anurag Dobhal’s brother Atul slams makers


Atul Dobhal took to his Instagram and shared, “They called us and said that we won’t have a direct conversation with Anurag; you come with BroSena and ask questions to Bigg Boss. This way, they can create a mess with BroSena. I’m not dumb enough to fall into your traps. I had said that if you want me to come, let me talk directly to Anurag. I will come, but not just to talk with Bigg Boss. I want to talk to my brother.”

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In another story, Atul further wrote, “They should be ashamed now if they still haven’t understood what mental game Anurag is playing. Keep laughing, trolling, and turning him into a dead soul. Maybe then people like you will find peace. Shame on this industry. Sorry to say, but no one cares about someone’s mental space, and then they will come with candles when something goes wrong.”

Anurag Dobhal wants to quit Bigg Boss 17

In yesterday’s episode, Anurag himself announced that he is ready to pay the charges for a voluntary exit and wishes to leave immediately. While talking to co-contestant Vicky Jain, Anurag was heard saying, “Forget about Bigg Boss, forget about the show; BroSena is everything for me… I want to take a voluntary exit.”

The audience also shares the sentiment that Anurag has made enough of a fool of himself, and he should exit soon before further damaging his image.

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