Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla Expecting Twins ? Actress Drop A Big Hint !

Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla Expecting Twins ? Actress Drop A Big Hint !

That’s wonderful news! Congratulations to Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla on the upcoming arrival of their twins. It must be an exciting and joyous time for them as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their first babies. It’s always heartwarming to see celebrities sharing such personal and happy moments with their fans through vlogs and social media. Wishing Rubina and Abhinav all the best as they prepare for this new chapter in their lives and the journey of parenthood with not one, but two bundles of joy.

Rubina Dilaik shares the news with her fans

In her latest vlog, Rubina Dilaik shared the thrilling announcement, expressing, “I wish to share with you that we are expecting twins.” The actress conveyed her desire to take her viewers along on the journey of her twin pregnancy, sharing the challenges and experiences she encountered throughout this remarkable time. Being in her ninth month, Rubina revealed to her fans the details of how she and Abhinav Shukla discovered the news about her twin pregnancy. It’s undoubtedly an exciting and personal revelation that allows fans to connect more closely with her during this special moment in her life.

Learning about being pregnant with TWINS

Rubina Dilaik, known for her stint on Bigg Boss 14, informed her fans that Abhinav Shukla was initially in disbelief upon learning about their twins during the ultrasound. She shared that after leaving the doctor’s clinic and heading home, there was a noticeable silence between them. According to Rubina, the couple found it challenging to process the news of expecting two babies, and it took some time for the reality to sink in. She mentioned that during their drive back home, they realized they hadn’t spoken to each other, highlighting the profound impact of the unexpected but joyous revelation.

Rubina reveals doctor suggested not to disclose the news

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Rubina shared, “The next day, we underwent blood tests, and the doctor called us back to the clinic. The doctor explained that we needed to be extremely careful. We refrained from informing our family during the first three months, as per the doctor’s advice to exercise caution. The initial 12 weeks are crucial for the babies to develop healthily, and during this period, we were instructed not to share the news with anyone. The doctor emphasized that there are risks, and one of the fetuses may not survive, underscoring the delicate nature of the early stages of pregnancy.”

Rubina talks about the first trimester

Rubina detailed how the first trimester proved to be stressful for them as they refrained from sharing the joyful news with their close friends. The couple wanted to ensure the health and survival of their twins in the initial three months before making the announcement. She expressed, “Only I know how those three months have been.” The Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 fame revealed that the doctor had informed them about the added complications associated with multiple pregnancies, emphasizing the need for cautious measures in every aspect of their journey.

Rubina disclosed the critical nature of the first three months, acknowledging the heightened risk of miscarriages during that period. She shared that thoughts about these potential challenges were prevalent in her mind. After the initial three months, when Rubina underwent a scan, they received the reassuring news that their twins were thriving. She expressed the immense relief she and Abhinav felt upon learning about their babies’ well-being.

Reflecting on those three months, Rubina described them as stressful, balancing her work commitments while contending with nausea, food aversions, mood swings, and other pregnancy-related challenges. She disclosed that her gynecologists had prepared her for a more intense experience due to carrying twins, highlighting the additional complexities associated with a multiple pregnancy.

Rubina opened up about the precautions and challenges: 

Rubina acknowledged the difficulty of comparing the experiences of single and twin pregnancies, emphasizing that each comes with its own set of challenges. The Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10 star revealed that after 4-5 months, she began facing back issues. Due to the increased risks of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure associated with multiple pregnancies, she adheres to a strict diet.

In contrast to a typical monthly doctor visit during a normal pregnancy, Rubina shared that she visits her doctor every 15 days to ensure the healthy growth of both babies. She expressed how she experiences fatigue more quickly than before pregnancy, a new sensation for her.

Rubina detailed the disadvantages of a twin pregnancy, particularly the higher likelihood of pre-term birth. Unlike a full-term natural pregnancy lasting 39 weeks, twins might be born after 37 weeks, increasing the risk of underdeveloped organs. This concern weighs heavily on her mind, and she admitted to feeling tired easily and coping with consistently high body temperature. To manage this, she described measures such as soaking her feet in cold water multiple times and taking cold showers to alleviate the discomfort.

Rubina’s first reaction

After the surprise of discovering her pregnancy, Rubina revealed that she and Abhinav had been trying for two years. However, they decided to take a break from actively trying because the process had become stressful, especially with their busy work lives. To confirm the pregnancy, Rubina opted for a blood test.

Interestingly, she shared that friends and others around her are speculating about the gender of the babies, with many suggesting that she might be carrying baby boys. It adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the journey for Rubina and Abhinav as they await the arrival of their twins.

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