Orry removed from Bigg Boss 17, what’s the reason?

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The latest weekend ka vaar episodes of Bigg Boss 17 had viewers on the edge of their seats with intense fights, Salman Khan’s fiery moments, and unexpected twists. One of the intriguing additions to the show was Bollywood‘s enigmatic figure, Orhan Awatramani, popularly known as Orry, making a surprising entrance during the weekend ka vaar episode.

Intriguing Entry of Orry

Orry, a mysterious figure from Bollywood, stepped into the Bigg Boss house, leaving both contestants and viewers in awe. Salman Khan welcomed Orry, creating a buzz among fans who were eager to know more about this mysterious personality. Orry seamlessly joined the housemates, participating in tasks and blending in with the contestants.

Salman Khan’s introduction of Orry created a stir among fans, sparking curiosity about this enigmatic personality. Orry smoothly integrated into the group, actively engaging in tasks and seamlessly blending in with the other contestants. However, the latest episode delivered a shocking twist—contrary to the initial assumption of Orry being a wildcard contestant, it was revealed that this was not the case! Yes, you read that correctly.

In the “Just Chill with Arbaaz and Sohail” segment, the Khan Brothers revealed that Orry’s stint in the Bigg Boss house was originally planned for just two days, contrary to the expectations of both the housemates and viewers. This revelation came as a shock to the contestants, who had developed a fondness for Orry during his brief stay.

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