Famous Show Naagin 6 Rishab Will Return In This Style ?

There is only one thing in the hearts of the fans of Naagin 6 every weekend that after all what will be seen in this episode, what will be the twists, and how Pratha is going to face all the troubles to come. Will Rishab aur Pratha be with each other this time? Many promos related to this weekend episode have come out which have worked to increase the audience excitment. But today in this blog 2 twists will be told, which will make the show a big hit and there will be a ruckus as well.

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In the promo of the show, a glimpse of a snake-like hair has been shown, whose name is described as Vinashika. The upcoming track will see a fierce fight between this Vinashika woman and Pratha. There are reports that at the behest of Mahek, Vinashika will become a part of the Swayamvara of the best Naag. Where she will come to take Pratha’s life. It is being said that there is a black Naagin who has many superpowers. She also wants to get Pratha’s Naagmani.

In the promo, a glimpse of the power of Vinashika was also seen when she turns her eyes into stone with the ray emitted and creates a terrible panic in Sarpalok. It is difficult for the custom to cope with the destruction. Because Pratha has the boon of Bholenath and she is one of the most powerful serpents. In such a situation, it is difficult for Vinashika to stay in front of Pratha for a long time.

Well as Takshak Nag had already indicated that Rishab is not dead, he is alive. Now in the days to come, Rishab’s return will be in a very different way. Which has been revealed in the new latest video surfaced from the set. In this video Pratha is standing with Rishab at the door of Gujral House and Rishab is seen here in Army Uniform. Looks like Rishab has returned after completing a special secret mission.It is clear from this video that in the upcoming track of the show, Rishab will enter the show in this style.

The surface questions of this are also that who was the person who died in place of Rishab? Was that shakti? Because shakti with Rishab’s death track is nowhere to be seen in the show. The veil of this secret will also be exposed in the coming episodes. Not only this, where is it going in the coming episodes that the biggest secret related to the death of Pratha’s maternal grandmother, who was the best serpent before, will also be revealed.

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Well, on one hand, where the makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the track of the show great, on the other hand, due to the upcoming 20’s leap in the show, this show will also make a lot of headlines.

Well, how excited are you about the upcoming leap in this show, definitely tell us in the comment section.

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